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Tourism in Nova Scotia Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Tourism in Nova Scotia - Case Study Example Shirley Young, Lelang Ott and Barbara Fergin have identified six distinct market segments from among all Americans travelers who visit Canada. This information has been published in a paper titled "Some Practical Consideration in Market Segmentation", which appeared in the August 1978 issue of the Journal of Marketing (Czinkota, Ronkainen. P-633). Of the six segments that have been identified four segments can be recognized as being a prospective customer base for Nova Scotia. The benefit Matching model suggests that Nova Scotia has all possible attributes that can satisfy travelers from each of the four prospective segments (See Table Below). Nova Scotia is a land of contrast therefore it can provide a variety of benefits to visitors. The entire province has a long scenic coastline with the Bay of Fundy serving as a special attraction because of unusually high high-tides that occur in the region. The interior of the province has natural forests and mountain ranges which allow visitors to observe the wild life or enjoy a memorable trekking and cycling experience. The rich history and the cultural heritage of the province provide foreigners with a unique experience. The extensive coastline presents abundant options for any one seeking water sports. Due to the diverse benefits that it offers Nova Scotia can provide a 100% satisfaction where benefits are concerned. (Destination Southwest Therefore a super match is obtained for each of the four market segments when the benefit matching model is applied (See Table Above). Family Sightseers, Outdoor Vacationers, resort Vacationers and Foreign Vacationers constitute 70% of the total US citizens who visit Nova Scotia. Therefore these segments are vital for Nova Scotia and the promotional campaign must be designed with this in mind. An Analysis of Prior Positioning Attempts for Promotion of Tourism in Nova Scotia and Recommendations for Improvement of Promotional Strategy There has never been constancy in the promotional strategy implemented by Nova Scotia's tourism authority. The frequent change in positioning has resulted in minimum impact where rise in market share is concerned; lack of constancy has also contributed to creating a confused image of the province in the minds of its potential customers. The earlier promotions have concentrated on benefits without any concern for the uniqueness of the place. Some examples of the

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