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Essay on Internet addiction - 1725 Words

Internet and Video Game Addiction Internet addiction is a worldwide disorder that is oblivious to the technological age we live in. Since its inception in 1991 (Livingstone), the World Wide Web has only improved our quality of life. People don’t perceive online technology as a problem but as a solution to make our lives cheaper and efficient. As a working college student, my whole life is run on the internet. I use Facebook religiously to keep in-touch with my friends, I play Xbox Live to compete with amateur Call of Duty players, I read online newspapers to get current events, and I use every internet resource available to write research papers like this one. I classify my use of these devices as a learnt behavior—not an addiction—I†¦show more content†¦and Asian youth. The gaming industry has never been so vibrant because of an individual’s willingness to escape the negatives of reality and adopt a new persona in the online world of fantasy. The current trends in internet and ga ming have shaped new global business models that serve this internet-addicted generation. Internet addiction is growing in different parts of the world such as Italy, Pakistan, Iran, Germany, and the Czech Republic. Internet addiction has even become a serious public health concern in China, Korea, and Taiwan. As a result, private and government-run treatment centers have emerged across the US and abroad ( Internet addiction has already started to make its impact—it could be too late to prevent it. United States The U.S. is listed as a nation in which internet addiction is growing in rapid numbers yet it not considered a hotspot of internet addicted teenagers worldwide. Stanford determined in a survey of 2500 respondents in 2006 that one in eight American adults showed signs of Web addiction (Stewart). Compared to our Asian counterparts, this fraction is miniscule; however, take note that there is major cultural difference with the amount of technology use between the two superpowers. Since internet addiction is relatively new, it’s hard to find support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or Gamblers Anonymous., anShow MoreRelatedInternet Addiction And The Internet1409 Words   |  6 PagesNowadays, the Internet has become a necessity in human life, and has become a sophisticated tool for job, social, and political success. Bill Gates says, â€Å"The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.† People from different generations use the Internet easily wherever they go, and whenever they want. People use the Internet for many purposes such as checking emails, doing their jobs, or getting help for school-homework. Also, they use it for many kinds of entertainmentRead MoreInternet Addiction And The Internet924 Words   |  4 Pagesor two, Internet is a channel that promotes an access to information and communication. It is one of the most powerful tools throughout the world today. Now-a-days, an access to the internet has become easier than ever, whether we are using a computer, phone or tablets. There is no doubt that people are spending more and more time online. Because many people use the internet for their career and education, it is hard to differentiate between the normal usage and excessive usage of internet. We allRead MoreInternet Addiction1662 Words   |  7 PagesInternet Addiction Introduction While some media news and reports seem to be truthful in their effort to inform and educate the public regarding internet addiction, it is not surprising to see bad science and misinterpretation presented in others on the same issue. The media coverage of internet addiction is damaging and blowing the issue out of context. The widespread internet concern is reinforced and underpinned by media reporting about internet addiction and young people, characteristicallyRead MoreInternet Addiction3219 Words   |  13 PagesTable Of Contents * The Introduction * WHAT IS INTERNET ADDICTION? * WHY DO PEOPLE ADDICT TO THE INTERNET? * WHO CAN BECOME ADDICTED TO THE INTERNET? * VIOLENCE IN ONLINE GAME * WHAT ARE INTERNET ADDICTION WARNING SIGNS? * THE PROBLEMS ASSOCIATED WITH INTERNET ADDICTION * WHAT ARE THE SOLUTIONS? * TIPS FOR PARENTS AND CARERS * Conclusion * References The Introduction The Internet is the largest source of information in the world today. WithRead MoreAddiction and Addictions Internet Addictions1321 Words   |  6 Pagesdamaging today s society. Addictions are a fast growing concern, it has branched off and caused many problems whether it be related to drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, Internet, or eating. Addictions are something society faces everyday. Although there are many reasons behind why addiction are growing, and where they stemmed from, today s society has focused primarily on how someone with an addictions problem can seek help. Also the many Gaps and Barriers around addictions are enabling people who wishRead MoreInternet Addiction And The Internet1797 Words   |  8 PagesAddiction to the internet has become a more serious issue in recent years.The worldwide web is substantially more available to individuals now than it was in previous years. The web gives individuals amusement, a vast amount of data, and an escape from ordinary life. H owever, despite the fact that there are many advantages to the internet, it clearly has its disadvantages.This essay will argue that the internet might cause an addiction. The Internet is a socially uniting gadget that additionallyRead MoreInternet Addiction And Its Treatment1163 Words   |  5 Pagesra lians%20digital%20livesFinal%20pdf.pdf ACMA,. (2016). Excessive internet use | ACMA. Retrieved 12 October 2016, from online/excessive-internet-use Amichai-Hamburger, Y. Ben-Artzi, E. (2003). Loneliness and Internet use. Computers In Human Behavior, 19(1), 71-80. ArÄ ±soy, Ãâ€". (2009). Internet addiction and its treatment. Psikiyatride Guncel Yaklasimlar- Current ApproachesRead MoreInternet Addiction And Its Effects On The Internet970 Words   |  4 PagesInternet addiction can have numerous factors. It can be awarding and the same time harmful. We live in a world that we can gain access to countless terabytes of information right at our fingertips. Many of the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit contribute to the whole internet addiction. Should the innovators of these platforms are who to blame for the ever growing addiction to the internet? Let’s look at this with the social media perspective using Kantianism and ActRead MoreWhat is Internet Addiction?1202 Words   |  5 Pagesimportant products of technology is the internet. The World Wide Web (www) is part of almost everyone’s everyday life. In addition to the uses of computers, we can use our hand held devices to access the internet as we ll. The ability to have unlimited access to the internet from anywhere at any time has become the cause of a serious addiction that affects about one in every eight Americans; this addiction is referred to as Internet Addiction. Internet addiction is a compulsive behavioral disorder whichRead MoreThe Influence Of Internet Addiction1053 Words   |  5 Pages The Influence of Internet Addiction Have you been though things such as you open up your laptop to do your work or study but ended up playing video games and surfing on internet? It is believed that a great amount of people feel like this. Nowadays, we live in a world with highly developed internet and electronic devices. Highly advanced internet make our life better, which is non-debatable, but there are also some drawbacks brought up by improper internet usage and one of the most influential

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A Survey On Data Mining Classification Algorithms

A Survey on Data Mining Classification Algorithms Abstract: Classification is one of the most familiar data mining technique and model finding process that is used for transmission the data into different classes according to particular condition. Further the classification is used to forecast group relationship for precise data instance. It is generally construct models that are used to predict potential statistics trends. The major objective of machine data is to perfectly predict the class for each record. This article focuses on a survey on different classification techniques that are mostly used in data-mining. Keywords: Data mining, Classification, decision tree, neural network. 1. INTRODUCTION Data mining is one of the many†¦show more content†¦Classification contains finding rules that partition the data into disjoint groups patterns and process. The goal of classification is to evaluate the input data to develop a precise. Explanation or model for each class using the features by using the present data. 2. ARCHITECTURE OF DATA MINING Data mining and knowledge discovery is the name frequently used to refer to a very interdisciplinary field, which consists of using methods of several research areas to extract knowledge from real-world datasets. There is a distinction between the terms data mining and knowledge discovery which seems to have been introduced by [Fayyad et al.1996].the term data mining refers to the core step of a broader process, called knowledge discovery in database. Architecture of data mining structure is defined the following figure. 3. DATA MINING PROCESS ïÆ'Ëœ Data cleaning ïÆ'Ëœ Data integration ïÆ'Ëœ Data selection ïÆ'Ëœ Data transformation ïÆ'Ëœ Pattern evaluation ïÆ'Ëœ Knowledge presentation. Data cleaning: Data cleaning or data scrubbing is the process of detecting as well as correcting (or removing) inaccurate data from a record set. It handles noisy data it represents random error in attribute values. In very large dataset noise can come in many shapes and forms. And irrelevant data handles the missing and unnecessary data in the source file. Data integration: Data integration process contains the data from multiple sources.

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ItalianAmerican traditions in film Essay Example For Students

ItalianAmerican traditions in film Essay A Bronx tale is a story of a father who tries to win back the love and pride of his son from a showy neighborhood mob boss. In my opinion this film is the best portrayal of work ethic. Lorenzo, played by Robert DeNiro, plays a father who tries to teach his son that discipline and hard work pay off from working, in the long. His son Calogero, played by Lillo Brancato, is exposed to the life of a mob boss Sonny, played by Chazz Palmenteri,, and doesn’t understand why he should live a life of difficulty when he can have a life of luxury. He tries to explain to his son that the men in the community don’t look up to him, but rather they fear him He also tries to make clear that it’s easy to do what he does, but try waking up every morning and working everyday, that’s a real man. Throughout the film Sonny and Calogero develop a very close relationship. More than just a friendship, Calogero looks up to him as if he were a father figure. Sonny tells Calogero that he does not want him to do what he does, he does it because he has to; he has no other way out. He wants Calogero to finish school and make something of himself, and not to follow in his footsteps. Sonny feels like there’s always someone out there out to get him and never feels safe. He doesn’t want Calogero to have to go through the same thing. In the film Sonny murdered another person because of the fact that he took he took his parking spot. This haunting feeling he has throughout the film finally comes true in the final scene of the movie as the son of the father that was murdered earlier comes back for vengeance and kills Sonny. This action of revenge is another stereotype of Italian-American men. As the film ends Calogero is in the prime of his life so we do not know how his life continues. The viewer, in this case me, thinks that because of this dreadful ending Calogero will follow the advice of Sonny and his father to complete school and life his life like ever y other hard working individual in America, because as his father mentioned earlier hard work pays off in the end. Comparing and contrasting the use of food in two separate filmsThe first film that shows the use of food in a film is in fatso. As the title implies the main character is a little overweight. He feels that food is the center of his life; everything he does revolves around food. The opening scene is the wake of his cousin that takes place in his home. In the next scene he goes to the kitchen and has himself some bread with sauce. This is a perfect example of when he is depressed he relies on food to cheer him up. Food has become an addiction for him, whenever things are not right he needs some food to make things better. The same way some other people run to alcohol to solve their problems. In the film he meets a girl and she changes his life drastically. He feels he has to impress her and look his best. In order to complete this task he must give up food entirely. Even though this seems impossible for a person in his position he has the discipline and will power to overcome this feat . The second film, entitled Big Night, is about two brothers who try and run a business together, specifically a restaurant. Since they are trying to run a restaurant, the food is the center of the film, without the food there is no restaurant. The older brother Primo, named so because he was the first son born, tries to make the food very traditional and tries to give the customer what he wants. The younger brother Secondo, named so because he was the second born, tries to think of it from a business perspective. He tries to explain to his brother that he has to give the customer what they want not what he (Secondo) wants. In the end of the film the two brothers expect a very well respected musician to dine at their restaurant. In order for them to pick their business they must not only impress him but also the reporters. The only way to do so is with their traditional recipes, brought right from Italy, so food plays a very important role. Throughout the film the two brothers are tryi ng to prepare for this ultimate feast, which brings their relationship closer. Another example that shows the use or importance of food in a film is in Household Saints. The opening scene shows a family having a picnic, which starts to tell the story of the saint. The next and probably the most important example that shows the importance of food is the scene where she must cook a meal for Santangelo. He father stresses the importance of this meal and that the food must be perfect. As the meal concludes Santangelos mother disproves of her because of the fact that she cannot cook properly. This shows that since she cannot cook she cannot have her son’s hand in marriage, which is quite peculiar, since a meal can decide a marriage. .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879 , .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879 .postImageUrl , .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879 , .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879:hover , .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879:visited , .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879:active { border:0!important; } .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879:active , .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879 .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u6619944b86afb9b4ebf5dbb3e66ac879:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: True Brand Loyalty EssayEven though these movies are entirely different in their plots, food plays a key role in each film. In the first film the main character relies on food for support and in the second the two brothers try to impress their guest with their food, who never shows up. Two films that portray masculinity in this course are Mac and True Love. Mac is a film that shows the relationship of three brothers who you would think come close together as the movie proceeded but eventually separate. The three brothers are contractors who decide to go into business for themselves. Mac reveals the portrayal of masculinity, and the way I perceived his masculinity is throug h his hard work, discipline and determination. He is willing to get up every morning and go to work to support himself and his eventual wife. To me this shows the meaning of a man and further masculinity. The second film that portrays masculinity is exhibited in True Love. The main character, which I think is named Mike but I don’t know if this is correct, portrays his masculinity through his intimidation. Although he doesn’t support his wife, and we know this because there a scene where she calls him from her work, he tries to intimidate her with his power that he thinks he possesses. It seems that he would rather spend time with his buddies than with his wife, which I think is wrong. If he truly loved her as the title implies he would have stayed with her not because he felt he had to but because he wanted to. Even though these two films portray masculinity in two separate ways they still do show masculinity. Mac is a dedicated worker, whom personally I respect, who tries to support his family through his hard work. Mike, in True Love, is a man who has everything in the palm of his hands and doesn’t even realize it. He takes everything, especially his wife, for granted. Bibliography:

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Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results

Question: Task 1 Understand the importance of business processes in delivering outcomes based upon business goals and objectives. (LO1)As the new operations manager at TripleS, you first focus on an evaluation of the interrelationships between the different processes and functions of the company as these different elements of the organisation are structured when you first take over. In doing this, you pay attention to the clash of cultures between the task oriented culture of the software designers and the much tighter approach of the chief executive on the main site.a) Draw an organisation chart to illustrate the current structure of TripleS and explain how the companys culture is linked to its structure pointing out some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with the current type of structure. You should also carry out an evaluation of the interrelationships between the different functions and processes involved in the company. (LO1.1)b) For the benefit of the senior management tea m, you now explain why it is necessary to link the companys processes (i.e. the way it carries out its work) to its aims and objectives and then you suggest and justify how this might be done in the case of TripleS. (LO1.2)c) You should also provide an evaluation to show how this process will be of benefit and make suggestions for points at which quality systems can be incorporated. While you are doing this, you should keep in mind the fact is the very first time anybody at the company has considered quality problems. (LO1.3)Task 2 Be able to develop plans for own area of responsibility to implement operational plans (LO2)In the next section of your work you focus on your own areas of responsibility and the implementation of operational plans.The objectives and plans you produce are aimed at meeting the six month deadline you have been given for organising the implementation of a new way of working for TripleS.The City College HND in Business Managing Business Activities to Achiev e Results Sept 2015a) You develop an outline plan showing how the work you have to accomplish will be completed within six months. In doing this you must consider appropriate goals and objectives. You should make use of a Gantt chart and develop an explanation which will show how you intend to address the key problem areas as set out in the case. (LO2.1)b) The objectives you develop as part of your plan must be SMART and structured to align the efforts of the different functions involved (LO2.2)c) Say how you will make sure that the new package is delivered on time, to budget and to meet the companys requirement for high standards of quality. Your response to this task must be specific to TripleS and to the tasks set out in Task 2a. (LO2.3)d) Explain how you will make sure that individuals and departments do not deviate from the plan i.e. develop appropriate systems for monitoring and control. Again, these must fit the tasks from Task 2a. (LO2.4)Task 3 Be able to monitor appropria te systems to improve organisational performance (LO3)This section of your work concerns the development of appropriate quality systems and standards.a) Make and justify recommendations for appropriate systems designed to ensure the high standards of quality needed by TripleS if it is to be able to meet the vision of the future desired by the owner managers. (LO3.1)b) Explain, with practical examples, what you will do to ensure the establishment of a quality culture designed to ensure continuous improvement in all essential processes. (LO3.2)c) Recommend improvements to the structure of TripleS. You should present your proposed new structure in the form of an organisation chart designed to fit with the companys new objectives and goals and also to improve overall performance. Naturally, you will specify your own position in the new structure. (LO3.3)d) You complete this section of your work by explaining and justifying the changes you are recommending i.e. how these will be of benef it. (LO3.4)Task 4 Be able to manage health and safety in the workplace (LO4)The final section of your preliminary work involves health and safety issues which are already in a worrying state because TripleS has never paid much attention to these issues. However, now the company will be required to meet the normal health and safety standards required by UK legislation.a) Advise the chief executive on risk assessment with particular reference to the health and safety problems currently being encountered by the workforce at TripleS . You need to consider and recommend appropriate action. (LO4.1)b) What health and safety legislation and regulations are applicable in the situation described in the case? Identify these, list them for the benefit of the chief executive and make justified suggestions for their implementation (LO4.2)c) Say what health safety policies procedures you will introduce to ensure that TripleS complies with all regulations legislation. Then advise the company on methods of systematic review of its policies and procedures (LO4.3)d) Finally, make recommendations designed to ensure that these policies and procedures will be complied with in a practical manner. (LO4.4) Answer: Task 1: LO1 a) LO1.1 Superior Systems Solutions (TripleS) follows the organizational hierarchy structure in order to incorporate the growth of the business in an effective manner. With the involvement of hierarchy organizational structure, TripleS manages their work design in a systematic manner. The organization has been established with the effort of five computer graduates. The four of the original founders head up the functional department, whereas the fifth founder has developed into the role of chief executive (Green 2012). The functional department of the organization has been categorized into four different sections including hardware design, engineering, manufacturing, sales, and marketing. TripleS believe that separate support functions have been facilitating them to incorporate the productivity of the business in an effective manner (Carlstrm and Ekman 2012). However, in recent days, the organization has been facing challenges in upholding their domestic market. The support function deals with different department including human resource management, finance, customer service, insurance and maintenance, transport and delivery, and sales force administration. The software section has been included in the operation as the chief executive thought that software section would allow them to put in a range of products and services for the customers in the society. There are some advantages and disadvantages of following this particular organizational structure in the business. Advantages: Organizational hierarchy facilitates in upholding a particular work design in the business The particular organizational structure establishes the clear authority for work and departments Managers of the business are skilled in specific area that enables them in upholding the work in a systematic manner Disadvantages: The organizational structure of TrippleS indicates lack of collaboration in the business The particular structure is unable to implement innovation in the business Each department of the business does not involve in the business communication The authoritative behavior of chief executive has created work pressure on the workers Lack of promotional pathway has created difficulties in incorporating business growth in the market Although the organization follows a systematic work design in the business, the interrelationship among different departments is very poor. Consequently, the business has been facing difficulties in enhancing the growth in the domestic market. Moreover, the higher management has not been cooperating with the employees, and it creates negative impacts on the workforce (Sultan and van de Bunt-Kokhuis 2012). For example, the chief executing has been pressurizing the employees for providing log hour of work in the business. Hence, the business must include an interrelationship among all departments. For example, hardware design, engineering, manufacturing and manufacturing department need to uphold healthy communication in order to enhance the growth the business in an effective manner (Mohr, Young and Burgess 2012). The organization needs to involve different software testing tools identifying the potentiality of the software. TrippleS will utilize both open source and and commercial so ftware tools. In the open source tools category, the organization will employ different software including TET (Test Environment Toolkit), TETware, Test manager and RTH. On the other hand, the organization will also utilize the Functional Testing tools such as Selenium, Soapui, Watir etc. however, the organization will also employ the load testing tools including Jmeter and FunkLoad (Rameezdeen and Gunarathna 2012). Aside this, the management will utilize the test management tools, functional testing tools, and load testing tools. For executing the functional testing, the management would employ Quick test pro, Test Complete etc (Mohr, Young and Burgess 2012). TrippleS follows the Hierarchy structure and each department of the management will use different types of software. Figure 1: Organizational Structure (Source: Created by author) b) LO1.2 The prime objective of the company is to become completely dominant in the small business sector. The organization has been trying to enhance its staff morality for experiencing better business enhancement in the domestic market. The organization has been operating four prime processes including hardware design, engineering, manufacturing, and sales and marketing (Cadden, Marshall and Cao 2013). Due to low staff morale, the organization is unable achieve adequate profits from the business. On the other hand, the higher management is least bother about resolving the employees queries (Huhtala et al. 2013). Consequently, it creates chaotic situation in the organization. Moreover, the production of the organization has been affected due to lack of intercommunication process. Hence, the management needs to arrange a single place where the entire work system would incorporate the process in an appropriate manner. It is necessary to uphold intercommunication among each department in order to enhance the productivity (Rameezdeen and Gunarathna 2012). In this scenario, the software section has been detached from the main work system. The senior management team of TripleS consists of five directors, who have been providing flawless support to the employees in order to enhance the business in an effective manner. The interrelationship among these four departments would provide adequate benefits to the senior management of the business. Hardware design and engineering department need to share their individual ideas in order to implement a new design for the products (Cadden, Marshall and Cao 2013). Consequently, it facilitates to engage a huge customers base in the society. By analyzing the organizational structure, it can be assessed that the enhancement of interrelationship would contribute in improving the teamwork in an effective manner. The following points show the beneficial aspects of the senior management as the interrelationship among each department in the busi ness facilitates in many sections. Enhanced teamwork Increased employee morale Higher retention policy in the business Enhanced the productivity Through the engagement of employing the interrelationship in the business, the senior management would be able to achieve the organizational goals and objectives in an effective manner. Hence, the interrelationship and the communication would be the best-fit solution for achieving the objective of the business (Huhtala et al. 2013). c) LO1.3 By linking the companys process with the aims and objective of the business, the organization will be able to enhance its production in an efficient manner. The organization follows a particular hierarchy structure in the business for executing the process in a systematic manner (Fink, Dauber and Yolles 2012). The prime objective of the organization is to become the leaders among the small software companies in the domestic market. By connecting the aims and objective of the business with the companys workflow process, TrippleS would be able to achieve the goals within short span of time. If any new employee faces the quality issues in the business, the particular workflow process would facilitate him in understanding the work responsibility in an effective manner (Kaufman and McCaughan 2013). Hence, it can be evaluated that the objectives of the business need to be incorporated among the employees through its work culture so that it can facilitate the staffs in executing the work in an effective manner. By analyzing the current issues of the organization, it can be assessed that the implementation of quality management would contribute TripleS to get rid of the issues out of the business. In recent time, TripleS has been facing challenges to retain their customers in the business. Consequently, it indicates a huge risk factor for the small business. However, the quality systems would enable them to resolve organizational challenges in an appropriate manner. Besides intercommunication process, the organization needs to implement proper quality management team for enhancing the productivity of the business (Fink, Dauber and Yolles 2012). With the involvement of approaching an accurate quality system in the business, TripleS would experience profitable outcome in the domestic business. However, the quality system would indicate other beneficial aspects such as follows: Accomplishment of new project Achieving customer satisfaction Upholding consistent product in the business Enhancement in the production Improves financial performance of the business And enhance internal communication Although the quality problems have been considered for the first time, the organization has already started reviewing the entire work process in order to identify issues that affect the business most. Task 2: LO2 a) LO2.1 The objective of the organization is to become the market leader among the new and existing software companies in the domestic market. TrippleS needs to execute six particular processes for obtaining success in the business within the six months timeframe. The organization needs to implement a project management plan into the business in order to uphold the work design in an effective manner. With the involvement of implementing the process, the company would be able to enhance the productivity of the business. The higher management of the organization needs to follow certain steps such as follows: Evaluating the scope of changes Create the vision Identify the issues in the business Drive commitment Establish change infrastructure Sustain the change As per the new plan, the organization needs to evaluate the scope for change in the business so that it can achieve the aims and objectives of the organization (Riivari et al. 2012). On the other hand, the organization needs to identify the issues of the business. In the recent days, TripleS has been facing several challenges due to the uncertainty of the business environment. Moreover, the software department of the company has issues in communicating with less intellectual individuals (Kaufman and McCaughan 2013). Hence, it indicates that the business needs to improve intercommunication within the business. The new project plan defines the scope of the business. On the other hand, the designing department is also facing issues regarding working environment, as employees have said that the long working hours cause neck and arm pain and sometimes nausea. Hence, it indicates the health issues within the business. TrippleS is also required to drive commitment by engaging effective work force for planning the changes, validate costs and benefits (Riivari et al. 2012). The involvement of new technology would bring change infrastructure in the business. The software department of the organization will engage the new tools for software testing for enhancing the workflow within six months timeframe. The organization would follow the following Gantt chart to experience the growth within 6 months timeline. Implementation of Activities 0-4 Weeks 4-8 Weeks 8-12 Weeks 12-16 Weeks 16-20 Weeks 20-24 Weeks Evaluating the scope of changes Create the vision Identify the issues in the business Drive commitment Establish change infrastructure Sustain the change Table: Gantt chart (Source: Created by author) b) LO2.2 SMART planning is the implementation of goal setting in the business. In this context, the implemented plan is smartly analyzed so that the business could experience a positive outcome. SMART objective: to become the one of the market leaders among the small software companies in the domestic market Specific: To become the one of the market leaders among the small software companies in the domestic market of UK. Measurable: The human resource management of the organization would measure the process of business enhancement by tracking yearly sales revenues in a systematic manner. Attainable The organization can achieve the particular goal by delivering high quality software solution at an affordable price to the clients in UK. Relevance By providing the high quality software services to the clients in the UK, the organization will ensure the profit maximization in the business. Timeframes The management of TrippleS will take 24 months to achieve the particular goal in an effective manner. c) LO2.3 The organization needs to execute a particular process for achieving the aims and objectives of the business. The management ensures that new organizational plan will be followed in an effective manner (Roldn et al. 2012). By providing the high quality services to the clients in the UK, TrippleS would be able to enhance their business opportunities in the domestic market. According to the new plan, the organization needs to follow six processes including identification of scope for change, create new vision, evaluate the issues, drive commitment, establish new infrastructure, and sustain imposed change (James Ng'ang'a and Nyongesa 2012). With the involvement of the new work plan, TrippleS would be able to improve its intercommunication within the business. Consequently, it will facilitate them in achieving the objectives of the business within short period. Being an operational manager of the organization, I have discussed the issues and challenges of the business in order to identif y the key development area. The prime challenges for the operational department are accomplish the project within time and budget (Robbins et al. 2013).The planning will be executed in a systematic manner for obtaining a positive outcome. The focus of the planning is to accomplish the entire project within the given timeframe. Moreover, the business focuses on accomplishing the plan with the allocated budget. In the Gantt chart, I have included six key areas of the planning. By accessing the plan, it can be assessed that TripleS may face challenges to identify all business issues within the given timeframe. However, 24 weeks have been taken for executing the consistency plans and feasibility assessment. Another challenge for the operational department is to accumulate the budget for executing the plan (Roldn et al. 2012). In this context, I believe that $10000 will be required for the initial plan implementation. In order to execute the project within time and budget, the business n eeds to focus on certain factors including resource management, goals and objectives, control over the project, and monitoring process (Roldn et al. 2012). In this context, TripleS needs identify the key issues in the business. Without changing the infrastructure of the organization, TrippleS would not be able to experience enhanced sales revenue in the business. Hence, it can be assessed that the organizational development plan will facilitate TrippleS to uphold a proper workflow in the workplace. d) LO2.4 The planning will be discussed with each department of the organization including hardware design, engineering, manufacturing, and sales and marketing. With the involvement of intercommunication with each department, the operational department identifies the issues. Hence, the department accepts the plan for the enhancement of the business (James Ng'ang'a and Nyongesa 2012). The operational department would highlight the key issues in the business including workforce challenges. In this scenario, the employees have been facing challenges to work long hours at the workplace. The long hours of engagement cause neck and arm pain, and sometimes nausea. These factors will be discussed with the each department of the business. Moreover, the unhealthy work environment is another issue of the business (James Ng'ang'a and Nyongesa 2012). These issues of the business will be discussed with the higher authority of the business. Monitoring and control planning includes several processes such as follows: Creating plan review dates: The plan review will be based on the regular basis. The operational department identifies the issues in the business. In this particular section, the management of the organization needs to evaluate the scope for change. By identifying the key issues in the business, the management would be able to focus on their planning in the business (Nuutinen and Lappalainen 2012). The monitoring process facilitates to align review dates with the short-term and long-term goals outlined in TripleS. Develop a tracking system: By implementing the tracking system in the business, the organization would be able to identify the issues in the business (Robbins et al. 2013). In recent years, the organization has been facing intercommunication issues. Through the engagement of the enhanced business development plan, TrippleS can establish new infrastructure. The tracking system contains the measurable goals and improvement of the existing work design (Nuutinen and Lappalainen 2012). The tracking system will enable the operation manager to identify the challenges in the workforce management. The tracking process contributes to resolving health issues of the employees of the business. Coordinating business and marketing plans: The business and marketing plans enable TripleS to promote their products in the domestic market. Moreover, it ensures measuring goals and objectives of the business. In this context, several market surveys will be conducted that facilitates the organization to investigate the current market trends. Enhance the workforce: Most employees in TrippleS have complained that the long hours of working have made several health issues for them. By analyzing the current situation of TripleS, it can be assessed that the basic requirement of the business indicates the enhancement of the workforce. Consequently, employees become de-motivated and less interested in performing in at the workplace. According to the management, the organization wants to experience high development in the business within the six months timeframe (Yesil and Kaya 2013). Consequently, human resource team is required to execute the recruitment forecasting in an appropriate manner so that the business can acquire potential skilled employees. Figure 2: Monitoring and Controlling (Source: Power, Ashby and Palermo 2013) Task 3: LO3 a) LO3.1 The system design includes integrated approaches in order to enhance the business effectiveness in the market. The operational department involves several strategies for obtaining profitable outcome from the business. These steps are provided as follows: Enhance the work design: The organization needs to redesign the work in an effective manner so that the employees of TripleS can provide enhanced performance in the business. In this case, the employees have complained to the higher management, as they have to work 60 hours a week. Extra work pressures have been affecting their health. The design department has been facing this particular issue. Moreover, the staff morale is low in the factory (Yesil and Kaya 2013). For example, two workers have threatened to sue the company after one sprained an ankle on a slippery floor and other has suffered an electric shock from an overheated drilling machine. Hence, these particular situations indicate that the organization needs to develop their work design for enhancing the entire process. Provide enhanced training session: The enhanced training session is another requirement for experiencing the quality system in the business. In recent days, it has been assessed that the product innovation of the business is brilliant. However, it does not support the companys hardware (Willcocks 2013). Consequently, it creates difficulties for customers to employ the service. Appropriate training and learning session would facilitate the organization to get rid of these issues out of the business. With the involvement of the training session, the software and hardware department of TripleS would enable to redesign of their products in an effective manner. Enhance the interrelationship: The organization includes four individual departments including hardware design, engineering, manufacturing, sales, and marketing. However, the employees of each department do not uphold the interrelationship with others (Manville et al. 2012). Moreover, the employees do not obtain the adequate time for communicating with others staffs in the business. Consequently, it affects the work environment in TripleS. It has been identified that the companys software is not supported on the companys hardware systems. Hence, it indicates the fact that hardware design and software department do not consult with each other before innovating new range of products. Through the engagement of employing intercommunication, each department would be able to share their individual thoughts and ideas for evaluating innovative products and services in the business (Hajmohammad et al. 2013). Besides this implementation of processes, the operational manager would include the waterfall model in order to enhance the business process in an effective manner. According to this model, the new design process follows five key steps including requirements, design, Implementation, verification and maintenance. The operational manager will accumulate all information on the business requirements (Sallis 2014). In the next step, the design and implementation of the process are conducted in an effective manner. In the final step, the verification and maintenance of the implemented process are executed. Hence, the waterfall model would facilitate the organization to implement a new work design within the business. Figure 3: Waterfall model (Source: Kerzner 2013) b) LO3.2 The quality culture is one of the essential components of the business. In this context, the organization needs to develop some process to enhance the quality culture within the business. Some of the processes of implementing quality culture are provided below: Initiate quality: In this segment, the management decides the status of the organization along with its goals and objectives. A small organization like TripleS needs to evaluate the gaps in the business process and implement strategies accordingly. For example, TrippleS needs to deliver high quality software solutions at an affordable price to the clients in the UK to become one of the leading software organizations in the domestic market. By analyzing the small business industries, it can be assessed that unique range of software products facilitates the organization in enhancing the business growth within short timeframe (Chang, Wang and Huang 2013). Quality commitment: The senior management needs to allocate the budget for upholding the quality of the products. Quality management is one of the major components for the enhancement of the business in the large demographic area (Read, Salmon and Lenn 2012). For example, there are several small software companies including Pulsion technology, Velum Limited, DCSL Software Limited in UK. Hence, the quality assessment is the only way to attract the clients in the domestic market (Martin 2014). The above software organizations have been trying to expand its business by delivering good services at a reasonable price. Consequently, TrippleS needs to develop their strategic plan for experiencing high growth in the business. Capabilities and maturity It indicates the required skills that enable the organization to execute the work in an effective manner. In order to enhance skills and knowledge of employees, the senior management needs to include an enhanced training session in the system (Martin 2014). On the other hand, maturity refers to the business understanding on the quality. Motivation Employee motivation facilitates the organization to improve its work design in an effective manner. For example, TripleS has been facing challenges regarding the workforce management. Hence, motivation is the only key to encouraging employees for providing enhanced performance in the business (Galegher, Kraut and Egido 2014). Institutionalization It indicates the process describing how the quality culture must be built in the business. The process may include several strategies including training, group discussion, and knowledge sharing. Moreover, the particular process includes motivation, exchange of ideas, and quality of awareness. Figure 4: Quality assurance (Source: Cordery and Parker, S., 2012) Focus groups The focus group deals with the activities carrying out the quality management in the system. There are many types of focus groups such as follows: Process review team Process improvement team Technology enhancement team Knowledge transmitting team Quality assurance team c) LO3.3 Figure 5: suggested Organizational Structure for TripleS (Source: Created by author) As per new organizational structure, some divisions have been included in the organizational structure. In the new structure, there are three main departments including head sales, head production, and head operations. However, in the previous structure, there was not any head production and head sales department. The previous organizational structure was a flat hierarchy structure including hardware design, engineering, manufacturing, and sales force administration (McNeil, Frey and Embrechts 2015). Moreover, in this new hierarchy structure, I have suggested an extra department called head operation, which would be operated by operational managers. The operational managers play a major role in the business, as he would operate the finance and human resource department. As per the new hierarchy structure, the role of head production managers is divided into two categories including technical and project planning related (Bessis and O'Kelly 2015). On the other hand, the head sales dep artment will operate different selling department including sales and marketing, customer service, insurance maintenance, and sales force administration. Although the previous organizational structure provides adequate support to the business, the new suggested structure would facilitate them in perceiving an appropriate work design in the business (Chance and Brooks 2015). In this new hierarchy structure, I have appointed head department in each section so that the work process can be executed in a methodical manner. With the involvement of this hierarchy structure, the CEOs of TripleS would be able to experience sustainable development in the business. d) LO3.4 The new hierarchy structure would facilitate the organization to achieve organizational goals and objectives in an effective manner. The organizational goal is to become the market leader in the small business sector. Moreover, TripleS tries to enhance customer and suppliers in order to expand the business in the UK market (Saenz and Jump 2013). The existing organizational structure has some flaws, as the structure does not contain head department for each section. Consequently, the business has been experiencing the lack of intercommunication and interrelationship (Dorsch 2012). Hence, the company is unable to uphold continuous growth in the domestic market. On the other hand, the new operational department would facilitate the organization to diminish the finance and human resource related issues. Consequently, it would contribute to enhancing the recruitment process in the business. On the other hand, the organization has been facing the organization has been facing several issues in some departments including design and software section (Bersimis, Koutras and Maravelakis 2014). Hence, the new organizational structure consists of head departments for each section that would facilitate to resolve challenges from the business. Task 4: LO4 a) LO4.1 Advice and Recommendation: By analyzing the current state of TrippleS, it can be identified that the organization has been facing challenges in providing health security in the workplace. The health and safety executive need to propose to the chief executive for improving their health policies for perceiving a better work environment in the business. As per the UK legislation, any business is bound to provide a health security at the workplace (Kulzhanov and Rechel 2015). Moreover, the organization needs to provide the health policy for the employees and their family as well. However, the chief executive of TripleS has been avoiding these issues for a long time. Consequently, two workers have threatened them to sue the company after one sprained an ankle on a slippery floor and the other suffered an electric shock from an overheated drilling machine. On the other hand, the workload causes several health issues to workers (Melby-Lervg and Hulme 2013). The workers have complained that the work pressure causes ne ck and arm pain, and sometimes nausea. The health and safety executive need to focus on these areas, as it becomes major challenges for the organization to retain workers in the business. The senior managers of the organization need to follow the UK legislation, and health care policies in order to uphold the healthy work design in the business. b) LO4.2 Health and safety legislation needs to be followed by the organization in order to uphold the healthy work environment at the workplace. As per the UK government, small and large business should have to implement the certain regulation in the business in order to enhance the commerce in the domestic market (Kulzhanov and Rechel 2015). In this context, the unhealthy work environment of TripleS has created difficulties for the employees to execute the work in an effective manner. Moreover, workers have complained for long hours of working that creates physical challenges including neck and arm pain along with nausea. The following table suggests the legislation regarding health and safety at work. Health safety at work: 1. Fire and safety in the workplace 2. Health and safety executive 3. Health and safety employing organization machinery and vehicle 4. Enhancement and disabled people 5. Workplace temperatures 6. Health and safety regarding power supply 7. Providing large work floor The chief executive of the business would obtain an overall idea of the health and safety legislation in the business. With the involvement of implementing these regulations, the chief executive would be able to diminish the health and safety issues from the business (Dorsch 2012). On the other hand, the senior managers of the organization should accumulate the feedback from employees regarding the health and safety issues. It facilitates the organization to understand employees requirement. Moreover, it would facilitate them in implementing the health and safety regulations in an appropriate manner. The health and safety executives would highlight the health issues in the business (Chance and Brooks 2015). Consequently, it would enhance the business in an effective manner. c) LO4.3 By analyzing the status of TripleS, it can be assessed that the implementation of health security is one of the major factors for enhancing the business in the domestic market. In this context, the chief executive needs to implement the workplace temperature policy, fire and safety policy, work environment policy (Galegher, Kraut and Egido 2014). These regulations should comply in order to uphold the healthy work design at the workplace. Moreover, the power supply related issues at the workplace affect workers health. Hence, the chief executive of the organization needs to consider the fact of implementing the power supply policy in the business. The company needs to implement an enhanced monitoring process in the business for measuring the progress of the process. With the involvement of the monitoring process, TripleS would be able to identify the key areas of development. In this context, the health and safety executives provide a detailed overview of the systematic review. The systematic review consists of five major steps including key question formulation, analytical framework, assessing the quality of the work, accumulating the evidence and interpreting the findings (Chang, Wang, and Huang 2013). With the implementation of these key steps, the health and safety executives would be able to review the implemented health care policies in the business. Consequently, it would enhance the business opportunity in the domestic market. Moreover, the health and safety executives investigate the analytical framework after the formulation of the key questions. The evidence-based health care policy would facilitate the organization to identify the key areas of development. In this context, the health and safety executives would implement the systematic review process for 6 months timeframe in order to monitor the entire process in an effective manner. Figure 6: System Review process (Source: Green 2012) d) LO4.4 Recommendations: The health and safety executive need to execute the entire process in an effective manner. The health care policies and procedures need to be implemented in the business for upholding the work design in an appropriate manner. The policies and procedures are required to be included in the business through several processes such as follows: Management Support: The support from the senior management facilitates the implementation process in the business. In this context, the health and safety executive have asked the support from the higher management for the implementation of the health care policies in the business. Consult with staff: In the recent days, TripleS has been facing workforce challenges. Moreover, the unhealthy work environment has created difficulties for the employees to execute the process in an effective manner. Hence, the consultation with staffs before implementing the policy is needed for conducting the process properly. The health and safety executive would accumulate several feedbacks from the workers in order to implement the health policies in the business. Define the terms of the policy: The terms of policy need to be defined to employees in the business. Through the engagement of investigating the policy, employees obtain the knowledge about the acceptable and unacceptable behavior in the workplace. The policy needs to contain the health care related information so that the employees can understand the required procedures during unhealthy atmosphere in the workplace. Training and regular referral: The policy may include some training sessions on the health care issues. Moreover, the organization should arrange enhanced training module for the employees in TripleS, as it would facilitate employees in a difficult situation. Implementation: The implementation of the policy must be consulted with the higher management before included in the business. Through the engagement of policy implementation, TripleS would be able to diminish the health issues from the business. The better work environment would contribute the senior managers to achieve the future objective of the business. Evaluate and review: The Evaluate and review process indicates a monitoring system measuring the impacts of the health care policies in the business. In this phase, the health and safety executive needs to measure the findings of the process in an effective manner. It facilitates the organization to resolve the health issues from the business. References: Bersimis, S., Koutras, M.V. and Maravelakis, P.E., 2014. A compound control chart for monitoring and controlling high quality processes.European Journal of Operational Research,233(3), pp.595-603. Bessis, J. and O'Kelly, B., 2015.Risk management in banking. John Wiley Sons. 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Sexuality and Gender Theory Essay Example

Sexuality and Gender Theory Essay Sexual behavior in humans entails complex cognitions such as attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and fantasies as well as even more insubstantial features linked with culture and lifestyle. So, in a very real sense, it is not probable to separate the physically sexual from the rest of a persons sexuality and other facets of an individual are being (Kimmel, M. S., ; Plante, R. F. 2004, 102). Furthermore, it is psychologically naive to presume that a controlled set of overt behaviors unproblematically defines and sets limits on what can be taken as sexual behavior.For instance, some psychologists have argued that crimes such as stealing are expressions of sexual motives although no genital or attempted genital contact is implicated (Revitch and Schlesinger 1990, 42). Similarly, some feminist psychologists and others argue that rape is not an erotically provoked, sexual crime. Instead, they suggest, it should be regarded as yet another expression of male power and authority motives that form t he bedrock of sexual politics (Kelly 1990, 87). This is obviously a psychological explanation of rape but one in which the erotic or the sexual constituent of genital contact is dismissed as insignificant compared to a macro-level analysis based on sexual politics far removed from the psychodynamics of an individual rapist. This feminist position likely has some authority, and this point of view is resistant by evidence, for example, that rape is not sexually agreeable for at least a proportion of rapists (Pamela Church Gibson and Roma Gibson, 1993, 211). All of this is significant since it reminds us that the parameters of human sexuality are not obviously defined or constrained within psychology and that for its understanding we should go far beyond an analysis of sex as simply a genital act.Sex radical feminists link ranks with sex workers when radicals indict feminists critical of the sex industry of strengthening the traditional heterosexual values of monogamy, understanding, a nd romance that stripping, pornography, and prostitution flatly reject (Lynne Segal and Mary McIntosh, 1992, 74). From a sex radical perspective, feminists who are incapable or unwilling to tackle their own sexuality and who see little if anything that is not demeaning about sex work under patriarchy are the natural allies of a sexual conservatism that denounces the anonymous, recreational, pleasure-seeking sex in sex work. Moreover, numerous feminists from a diversity of theoretical perspectives believe that such an coalition results in the association of feminism with an anti-sex moralism that makes feminism unappealing to women who think themselves both politically enlightened and sexually adventurous.In spite of misgivings, we will arbitrarily restrict our deliberation of sexual behavior to aspects noticeably related to its physical or bodily expressions. Sexual behavior is taken to refer to the attitudes, behavior, feelings, and cognitions that are concerned with sexual arousal and that lead to genital inspiration and, frequently, excitement. Of course, we cannot oversimplify with any precision concerning the nature of these attitudes, behaviors, feelings and cognitions since they differ widely between people. In short, our restricted and subjective definition fundamentally limits consideration of sexual behavior to the erotic which comprises only a part of potential sexual behaviors. In this way we can begin a point of focus for our deliberation of sexual behavior.Sexual motives and practices require not be attached to love. Sex is characteristically perceived as a biological drive akin to hunger (e.g., Freud [1929] 1961; Murray 1938). Buss (1988), Bogaert and Fisher (1995), and numerous researchers have noted the seemingly inbuilt, hence a cultural, nature to promiscuity by the human male and the converse leaning to monogamy by the human female. Bogaert and Fisher propose that males adopt one of two sexual strategies: if they are prevailing and sought-a fter, they adopt low-attachment maximal partner strategies, whereas if they are subordinate males, they adopt high-attachment monogamous strategies (Carlin, D., ; DiGrazia, J. 2003, 36).Each society in history has developed a leading ideology of sex-style. For example, Victorian society in Europe and America applied the well-known double standard. The ideal sexual behavior for a woman was virginity and chastity before marriage and enduring sexual reliability to her spouse after marriage. The ideal sexual behavior for a young male was chastity before marriage, but he was allowed to enjoy limited and circumspect sexual experience with women of the kind he would never choose to marry. After marriage, the idyllic male sex-style was dependability, but, again, the double standard was more probable to forgive discreet affairs by husbands than by wives. The dominant Victorian sex style did not accept certain sexual acts at any time, even within marriage (e.g., fellatio) and banned others wi th brutal penalties (e.g., sodomy).Like love styles, sex styles go through cultural changes, becoming or ceasing to be the prevailing ideology. Sometimes the changes are gradual as in the Victorian era (Hendrick and Hendrick 1992:41). At times the changes are as revolutionary as the Reformation in religion or the Bolshevik Revolution in politics. The Kinsey Report was said to have caused a sexual revolution (Hotchner 1978:350). Amongst the profound shock tremors of contemporary sexuality are changes in technology and modern medicines for STDS, the feminist movement, and gay liberation. Stephen O. Murray comprehensive overview, American Gay, specifically distinguishes a gay ideology from sexstyles of the dominant culture (Murray 1996:174-175). Reflective changes in religion or politics create great difficulty in choosing a political or religious ideology. Similarly, the consecutive waves of change in sexual ideology over the past half-century have extremely complicated anyones choice of sex style.Social conflicts rage around some of the characteristically new sexstyles. For example, the issue of public respect of gay and lesbian relationships has divided the American Senate down the middle, 49 to 50. There is angry debate concerning public legitimation of gay and lesbian marriages. There are also new bisexual, transgender, and transsexual patterns. For more ordinary lovers, there is morality for several marriages in a lifetime or living together without getting married. Only a few decades ago common law relationships were stigmatized and deprived in both law and popular opinion. Another sex style change is that fewer young lovers now persevere that their partner be a virgin.All of these changes are linked with changes in love styles. For example, the widespread decorum of prophylactics in sex makes it much easier to be a ludic or ludic-erotic lover. It is now probable to have one love affair after another, or numerous at the same time, with less fear of lasting consequences such as STDs, redundant pregnancy, or a shotgun marriage.Though, sex is reality in a way that at the heart of the feminist anti-porn project, fuelling it and giving it passion, is ‘female anger’—for pornography is, the undiluted core of anti-female propaganda (Russell Diana. 1993a, 1993b).On the other hand, Behavioral effects of sexual fantasy intimately parallel those of explicit images. In general, fantasy influences sexual provocation, sexual behavior, and affective responses, as well as other behaviors and can be interrelated with by personality variables, attitudes, and fantasy content. All these effects can be found for sexual explicitness, in general, as well. Sexual fantasy can thus be thought of as a specific medium of sexual explicitness, just as movies or slides can be thought of as a similar medium.If sexual fantasy is a type of sexually overt theme, then it too can increase the likelihood of formerly learned sexual practices occurring. It must be noted again, however, that though there is no evidence that sexually precise fantasy has long-term effects on behavior it is possible that it does. Similarly, although subjects did not change or begin new sexual practices, this can depend on the persons personality and/ or sexual experience.Pornography is a persistent element of our whole society. Those who feel the need to describe pornography as a dissolute tumor plaguing a fundamentally moral society are indulging in wishful thinking (Berger, R. J., Searles, P., ; Cottle, C. E. 1991). There is no clear line between hard pornography practiced wholly by pornographers and soft pornography used as a marketing device by anyone who has something to sell. If advertisers are intensely sensitive to public reaction, as a recent magazine article describes the principle of advertising, then what the media campaigns explain may be taken as an accurate measure of how this line between hard and soft pornography has become extraneous in our culture. From jeans to cologne, from shirts to the latest car or household appliance, America is rapidly impending a state in which, as one advertiser confesses, Theres no way I can sell the product without selling sex.Pornography is all together a legal definition, a historically shaped, and changing product, and a sociological phenomenon, organized into a particular industry in diverse social locations. It exists as a historical trend because of the regulation and control of what can and cannot be said concerning sexuality, and thrives on the belief that sex is naughty and dirty, that what is being purveyed is being distributed as it is illicit (Hennessy, R. 2000, 49). The institution of pornography results from the description of certain classes of representation as in some way ‘objectionable’. But what is defined as ‘objectionable’ changes over time, so that the themes of pornography diverge like the technology of representation on which it relie s, and the opportunities for production and consumption are erratic. There is no doubt that there has been an immense increase in the pornography industry in recent decades.Pornography must be a major issue in sexual politics. Long a concern of the moral right, it has become a decisive preoccupation of contemporary feminism. In the United States by the early 1980s the feminist campaigns against pornography were possibly the best organized and financed in the movement’s history and, though they did not have the same salience, there were similarly energetic groupings in countries like Britain and Australia. But at the similar time the campaign against pornography seemed to divide the women’s movement, for it posed essential questions about the nature of female subordination, and hence of the forms of power in modern society. ‘Pornography’ is an extremely ambiguous yet emotive term, which takes on diverse meanings in different discourses. For the traditional moralist pornography is a thing in itself—‘explicit sexual images’ which rouse sexuality in the vulnerable and immature. For the liberal pornography is a variable feast, a product of shifting interpretations of taste and acceptability. For the radical feminist opponent of porn it is a visual revelation of male power.Pornography is an intricate historical phenomenon and has differing effects. And Commodification of the sexual socially constructs as it requires active, objectifying commodifiable eroticism. The inviolability of the moral order, however, requires that this homosexual consumer, as citizen, knows his moral and social place.It is also believed that Pornography is significant, because it is the distillation of male power over women, the cutting edge which makes certain female subordination. It is this which justifies the fervor and moral passion which infuses the anti-porn campaign. At stake is women’s survival.While numerous people are obviously inclined to think that there ought to be a line drawn between good taste and bad taste, between romanticism and quasi-pornography in their advertising and in broad cultural attitudes toward sex, the market ethos of America is making that distinction more and more difficult to draw and next to impossible to maintain. Some may argue that there is a qualitative difference between selling sex outright (as in pornography) and using sex to sell another product (as in business). But the difference is at best a curative self-delusion and at worst a moralistic hypocrisy, for both activities share two essential ingredients of American culture: selling and sex. As has been demonstrated time and time again (most recently in the Meese Commissions study), anyone who ever attempts to eliminate or isolate pornography from the community is overwhelmed by indefinite definitions and the ubiquity of this cultural phenomenon.Pornography industry is still an investment opportunity with enormously high re turns and often fewer risks than most other sectors. And the percentage returns seem constant, regardless of substantial variations in scale. A series of photographs devoted to coprophilia will attain only a very specialized market, but the costs of production are minimal, and the very costly French film series Emmanuelle (now in its seventh episode) has to date reported a profit of $600 million, about half that earned by all the James Bond movies put together.In the United States, almost all pornographic films are produced in southern California, not simply because of the climate, which permits less clothing, but mostly because that is where the film industrys infrastructure and most of its technicians happen to live. The Adult Film Association of America, which includes the twenty largest pornographic film production companies (and which until a few years ago held its own annual Oscar night), estimates that in 1985 around one hundred feature length films were produced in the Unite d States, which were then distributed to more than seven thousand specialized cinemas across the country, and that those same cinemas each sold on average 2,000 tickets a week, for a total annual national revenue of approximately a billion dollars.Saying that American society is in fact one big sex bazaar does not solve the immediate problem of understanding pornography as a social issue, but it does point to the extent of the problems we face. For, when we are trying to pinpoint the root cause of pornography, we find ourselves coming back again and again to the very nature of American society, the relationship between ourselves and the marketplace. Despite the moral outrages it evokes in some, pornography is so natural, so American, and so profitable in the marketplace, that its very accomplishment clouds the moral issues surrounding it. When we look at pornography carefully, we find that people like it, the marketplace wants it, and the whole of American society supports it, for i t is the very embodiment of our own philosophy and obligation. At first blush, this is an odd thing to say, but reflection inexorably leads us to that conclusion. Pornography in America is where the senses that crave to be pleased and entertained meet the marketplace that craves profit.

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teds essays

teds essays Since 1989 all shrimp nets have had to have TEDS or Turtle Excluder Devices sewn into them. A TED is a metal grate that is sewn in the body of a net so when a turtle hits it, it is launched out the top of the net, supposedly returning it to the wild. In my opinion TEDS are a good thought but they have done nothing but hurt the fishing Since the introduction of TEDS in 1989 there has been a 10% decline in the number of shrimp caught each year. This is because when trash is caught it becomes entangled in the TED holding it open and releasing the catch. These TEDS dont come free to anyone. A basic TED cost two hundred dollars and each boat has about eight nets so that means sixteen hundred dollars. With the lose of production and price of the TEDS many fleets have gone bankrupt. The fleet in Texas alone has dropped from 5,200 boats to about 3,500 today. As more and more of these boats are filing bankruptcy the burden of helping the families who run these boats is Besides the cost of the TEDS they are also a danger to the crew. The average TED is four foot by 2 1/2 feet with an average weight of 40 pounds. A boat will have four of these on deck so there is a danger of being hit by one. If someone was to get hit and killed by one the money to help the family would once again come from the boats account. The settlement could set a boat in bankruptcy once again putting a family on The argument of the opposition is that there were a lot of turtles being caught before the introduction of TEDS. If you talked to anyone was a shrimping before TEDS were introduced they will tell you that they have never seen one or have only caught one in thirty years of shrimping. My father has been shrimping for over thirty years and he says that he has never even seen one of them. TEDS are also ineffective at excluding ...

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Computer Aided Manufacturing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Computer Aided Manufacturing - Essay Example The automation of machine tools using CAM can be used both in the production of small batches and large batches each of them offering its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The CAM Process The CAM process uses the same set of tools except that the computer applications have been linked to the manufacturing process to automate it fully. CAM is used extensively in NC, CNC machines. The NC system consists of the part program, MCU or machine unit and the tool. The machine control units have a number of degrees of freedom to facilitate better flexibility in construction. (Chris Voss, 1986) These include (i) Flexibility in tools used for locating purposes. Source: Singh N, 1996, CAM operations (ii) The different cutting speeds and the rate of feed of the product are also important contributions to the CAM (iii) The cooling pump also works in sync with the machining process and directs the cooling fluent very effectively to the work area. The control system in a NC (CAM) machine regul ates the actual work done during operations and by it effective system of feedback negates any error that might arise during the manufacturing operations. (Rao.P.N, 1998) This can be described using a simple diagram used below Singh N, 1996, Control system The diagram shows the spindle which holds the cutting tool. A number of stepper motors is located to provide motion in each direction. Reduction gears are in place to allow the motors to be driven at required speeds. A tacho-generator put in place also provides the rpm of the cutting tool. (Singh N, 1996) Using the optical encoder which has a high resolution of close to 3500/revolution it senses the location of the motors and generates a feedback regarding the amount of positive or negative error of the tool with respect to its position from the desired location. This feedback facilitates an output which adjusts the tool by the required amount thereby maintaining accuracy of the process. Apart from these, the other significant adv antages include (i) It offers a greater flexibility in design since minor changes can be incorporated in the design phase. (Singh N, 1996) (ii) The production is of a higher scale. (iii) Manufacturing Flexibility by re-routing product lines. (iv) The initial setup time or lead time is also greatly reduced. Advantages and Disadvantages of CAM in batch production 1. Production of small batches The advantages of using CAM in production of small batches is that (i) The amount of capital that needs to be invested initially is less. (ii) The manufacturer is given more time to work on the product and hence the software can be tinkered with to generate an optimum designed product. (Tanner J.P, 1991) Source: Rao.P.N, 1998, Yamazaki Mazak Corp having a 5-axis machining operation (iii) Meeting deadlines are relatively easy since the number of components manufactured is low in number. (iv) Although the initial investment for CAM is high, the production line can be stopped without any difficulty if the product is not working well in the market. The same CAM system can again be utilised to redesign the product. (Gardezi Syed et al, 2000) (v) Since a continuous line of products need not be generated, the production can be reduced during off season and picked up when there is demand or a custom made request for a particular product. (vi) It facilitates the incorporation of the Just in Time Technology (JIT) into the manufacturing process. This is a method that has

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Theatre Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Theatre - Essay Example He had what was described as a rough childhood as he was often described as being effeminate which his father, an alcoholic did not approve of, and his mother was described as being bipolar. Tennessee had a close relationship with his sister ‘Rose’ who later in life was discovered to be schizophrenic and spent much of her life in mental institutions. It was the case that Tennessee’s fear of falling into madness would plague him in later life and ultimately lead him into alcoholism and drug abuse. Rose ultimately had a lobotomy performed on her which left her more or less docile for the rest of her life. When Tennessee was young, his family moved to St. Louis where he attended Soldan High School . It became clear at an early age that Tennessee was a gifted writer and won a number of small awards for his short stories and plays. Tennessee attended the University of Misouri, Washington University, and the University of Iowa where he completed his undergraduate studies but by the late 1930’s he was studying and living in New York City. Probably what proved to be most influential on the writings of Tennessee Williams was living in New Orleans where in the late 1940’s he began writing a Streetcar named Desire arguably one of his most famous works. It was during this time that Tennessee began a homosexual relationship wit a man named Frank Merlo. As one recognizes from the works of Tennessee Williams it is the case that he often used alcoholism, mental health issues, and homosexuality as cornerstones of his works. However it was during the time that Tennessee was living with Merlo that he arguably completed his most notable works, arguably this is owing to the relative stability that this relationship brought to his life. According to the library at thinkquest (2010) it is the case that Williams had published thirty eight plays, nine works of fiction, and

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The Diversity of HR Practices or policies employed by different Assignment

The Diversity of HR Practices or policies employed by different branches of a Multinational Corporation in two countries and the - Assignment Example Logistic analysis has been used to study the comparative impact of human resource organisational structures. There are many determinants to an organisations corporate human resource’s involvement in setting subsidiary level human resource policy up to and including the laws that exist in the country of origin. Literature search, strategy and aims In this paper, we will try to argue that human resource structures arbitrate the impact of the country of origin and the current host country of the subsidiary. For coca cola, the results we found tend to support an arbitration effect: it is important to note that the effects of country of origin on corporate human resource’s role are umpired by human resource structures for United States of America’s companies but the same is not true for Nigeria’s companies. The findings also imply that the salience of human resource structures as apparatus for influencing auxiliary level human resource policy is not universal a cross all multi-national companies’. Data was collected from the company website, â€Å"Management, 4th edition† by Englewood Cliffs, â€Å"How institutions evolve: insights from comparative historical analysis† by Streeck, W. ... By doing this, the companies improve their competitive edge. In this report we will consider the overseas multi-national company Coca-Cola and seek to find out how it is as a player in globalisation at the general level. Multinationals tend to act as channels for the movement of the ‘incumbent’ set of laws of the domicile’s national business structure by controlling auxiliary level guiding principles and practices. This report considers the scope in which the structural features of the United Kingdom’s Coca-Cola plant differs from that of Nigeria in corporate human resource at the organisational level. Preliminary review and evaluation of the relevant literature To a large extent, the coca cola company since it began operations, has had the lavishness of having to deal with a relatively narrow set of financial, cultural, and even legal requirements, as most of the countries it operates in are basically very entrepreneurial and competitive societies. For a c ompany that is running numerous businesses overseas, it is usually not blessed with such relative homogeneity. For example, the least number of legally authorized holidays may vary from none in a country like the United Kingdom to five weeks annually in Nigeria. Currently, a very troubling issue is the need for every company to tighten its security and that of its employees; this is mostly due to the acts of terrorism that have been witnessed in the past. Coca cola just like most other companies has been training its employees especially those who are to be sent to places such as Colombia and Nicaragua, where kidnapping of alien managers is the order of the day. How the human resource function is handled in multinational

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Developing a Professional Identity as a Teacher

Developing a Professional Identity as a Teacher To me, motivation is the first and foremost driven force for a teacher to develop professional identity. If a person does not have the ambition for a profession, it is easy to drop the struggle in vein. Motivation can persist in form of altruistic, intrinsic, extrinsic reasons or combination of all among teachers to choose teaching as a profession. In an explanatory way, altruistic reasons: deal with seeing teaching as a socially worthwhile and important job, a desire to help children succeed and a desire to help society improve (Coulthard, 2000, p. 117, as cited in Thomson, Turner, Nietfeld, 2011). On another hand, intrinsic motivation is doing an activity for its inherent satisfaction rather than for some separable consequences. In contrast, extrinsic motivation is defined as doing an activity for the attainment of a separable outcome (Deci Ryan, 2000, p. 56, as cited in Thomson, Turner, Nietfeld, 2011). Vanessa, Early Childhood Teacher concluded that, passion to work with child ren and inspiration from teachers with whom she had worked or who shaped her educational degrees are the reasons to build an aspiration in her to choose teaching. To build a different bonding with the children and their parents along with an aim to keep the children the way they are have become the eternal visions to make a different difference in teaching sector, according to Vanessa (Vanessa, February,2015). On another note, Christine, Secondary School Teacher argued that, even though teaching was never a chosen profession beforehand, gradual interaction with learners in special education sector triggered herself to join teaching later on. Even though initially teaching was a platform to expose own creativity through making lesson plans or content structure, on the long way to journey, teaching had become synonymous of love for the students. To her, it is the best to become a mentor to show guidance being with them instead of having a superior position over them and this is how a teachers professional identity must develop by providing a sense of belongingness (Christine,February, 2015). So, visibly through the lens of shared experiences, for Vanessa, altruistic and intrinsic motivation have interplayed successfully where she held a desire to benefit children alongside the self-less affection for teaching, as a profession whereas in Christine, Intrinsic motivation made her heart placed into teaching. However, followed by motivation in the row second comes experience which is kind of an aspect, never to devalue in anyway. Experience which emends the professional identity of a teacher over time through increased knowledge and practice. It is the proficient journey which enacts professionalism of a person over others in a row. As a result of experience, teachers seem to have developed rich, well-organized knowledge bases that enable them to draw readily on their past experiences (Calderhead, 1996, as cited in Beijaard, Verloop, Vermunt, 1999 ). In this regard, arising frequent questions, taking risks, listening to the unheard sayings of children, and most importantly developing a relationship with colleagues to learn better are few steps to brighten as a pre-service teacher Christine (February, 2015). And these precious responses cannot be retrieved from anyone except having a profound professional identity enriched with experiences of trials and errors. This are experiences which help the teacher to realize which teaching methods will be useful or what content should be modified to feed the learners need efficiently. And also, the perk of experience lies in the fact that anyone can use experiences related to other aspects of life in teaching whenever needed and it is visible when Christine concluded that she had used problem solving skills of another course into her English teaching lessons. Another finding reveals that the experiences the participants had and the people they met during the teaching practice period were vital in shaping the way they valued themselves, including their commitment, motivation and the satisfaction of becoming a trainee teacher(Khalid, 2014). Learning theories shape the nature of learning, hence comes teaching. Teachers need to try, practice, and amend different theories of learning to finalize which suits the best for proper learning of the students since profound teaching is theory driven. Vanessa(February,2015) argues that Sociocultural frame of learning theory has made difference in her teaching because of which she turned out to be more accessible to childrens families than before; such theory complied her understanding of learning which is relational to the background of a student along with several other factors and materials of teaching itself. It had become easier for her to teach when her learners became more aware of their social and cultural existence where they belong to. Likewise, different learning theories may tailor the classroom teaching for another teacher. For example, Christine(February,2015) points out that Vygotskys theory has helped her to recognize her students individual goals to assess where the y are at present and where they need to be by moving forward. It has given her a wisdom of evaluating her learners along with summative and formative assessment of having personal conversations with them to recognize their skill levels. On a beneficial note, it helped to compare between where the students thought they were and where she thought they were and making further changes accordingly. Pedagogy is an umbrella term under which factors of different paradigms exist each of which are equally a necessity to develop a professional identity of an educator. It is the quality of pedagogy that most directly and most powerfully affects the quality of learning (Department of Education and Training [NSW] 2003, p. 4, as cited in Moss, 2016, p. 38). It vastly is a combination of how to teach and what to teach to the learners which determines the professional identity of a learner severely. It variably also includes physical and emotional environment in the class, class rules and discourse of the class, structure of groups works or working as groups (Nirenjan, 2017). In this regard, collaborative pedagogy helps to determine class rules which can lead to consistent discipline by providing dignity and respect to everyone to ensure social environment of a class by assuring proper class culture.

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Macbeth :: essays research papers

Historical MacBeth compared to Shakespeare's MacBeth Although most of Shakespeare's play " MacBeth " is not historically accurate, MacBeth's life is the subject of the tragedy. There are characters and events that are based on true events and real persons but, Shakespeare's "MacBeth " differs significantly from history's MacBeth. The first example of a difference between the Shakespeare "MacBeth" and historical MacBeth is the death of Duncan I. In Shakespeare's " MacBeth ", Duncan I was murdered by MacBeth. A prophecy said to MacBeth by one of the three witches "All hail, MacBeth, that shalt be King hereafter1 ." was what prompted Gruoch, MacBeth's wife to plot the murder of Duncan I as he slept in their castle. In history, MacBeth established himself as the King of Scots after killing his cousin Duncan I, in battle near Elgin not as in Shakespeare's play by killing him in his sleep. Duncan I was killed on August 14, 1040. MacBeth then reigned as king for seventeen years. As previously stated Duncan I and MacBeth were cousins, a fact not brought out in the play. Shakespeare loosely based the play," MacBeth " on events he found in Raphael Holinshed's Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland. " Raphael Holinshed's Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland, are the materials that furnished Shakespeare with his plot2. The chronicles were an account of the history of the country of which they came from. Another major difference, is that Duncan I was not the ageing and respected king Shakespeare makes him out to be, In real life, Fiona Summerset Fry author of History of Scotland says " He was actually an impetuous and spoilt young man whose six years of kingship brought glory neither to Scotland nor to his family3." In the play's last scene, McDuff kills MacBeth and automatically becomes the new King of Scots. In actual history MacBeth is killed by Malcom III but Lulach, MacBeth's stepson, becomes the king after the noblemen of Moray fight for his succession. Lulach reigned for seven months and was then dethroned by Malcom III of Caenmore. MacBeth is presented in the play as clumsy and unorganised. In reality though, he was one of the best kings that Scotland ever had. " During his reign, he went on a pilgrimage to Rome for several months4." His kingdom was in well enough order and he was in high enough regard with his nobleman that he could leave for a long period of time. Another way you could tell that MacBeth was a good