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Computer Aided Manufacturing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Computer Aided Manufacturing - Essay Example The automation of machine tools using CAM can be used both in the production of small batches and large batches each of them offering its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The CAM Process The CAM process uses the same set of tools except that the computer applications have been linked to the manufacturing process to automate it fully. CAM is used extensively in NC, CNC machines. The NC system consists of the part program, MCU or machine unit and the tool. The machine control units have a number of degrees of freedom to facilitate better flexibility in construction. (Chris Voss, 1986) These include (i) Flexibility in tools used for locating purposes. Source: Singh N, 1996, CAM operations (ii) The different cutting speeds and the rate of feed of the product are also important contributions to the CAM (iii) The cooling pump also works in sync with the machining process and directs the cooling fluent very effectively to the work area. The control system in a NC (CAM) machine regul ates the actual work done during operations and by it effective system of feedback negates any error that might arise during the manufacturing operations. (Rao.P.N, 1998) This can be described using a simple diagram used below Singh N, 1996, Control system The diagram shows the spindle which holds the cutting tool. A number of stepper motors is located to provide motion in each direction. Reduction gears are in place to allow the motors to be driven at required speeds. A tacho-generator put in place also provides the rpm of the cutting tool. (Singh N, 1996) Using the optical encoder which has a high resolution of close to 3500/revolution it senses the location of the motors and generates a feedback regarding the amount of positive or negative error of the tool with respect to its position from the desired location. This feedback facilitates an output which adjusts the tool by the required amount thereby maintaining accuracy of the process. Apart from these, the other significant adv antages include (i) It offers a greater flexibility in design since minor changes can be incorporated in the design phase. (Singh N, 1996) (ii) The production is of a higher scale. (iii) Manufacturing Flexibility by re-routing product lines. (iv) The initial setup time or lead time is also greatly reduced. Advantages and Disadvantages of CAM in batch production 1. Production of small batches The advantages of using CAM in production of small batches is that (i) The amount of capital that needs to be invested initially is less. (ii) The manufacturer is given more time to work on the product and hence the software can be tinkered with to generate an optimum designed product. (Tanner J.P, 1991) Source: Rao.P.N, 1998, Yamazaki Mazak Corp having a 5-axis machining operation (iii) Meeting deadlines are relatively easy since the number of components manufactured is low in number. (iv) Although the initial investment for CAM is high, the production line can be stopped without any difficulty if the product is not working well in the market. The same CAM system can again be utilised to redesign the product. (Gardezi Syed et al, 2000) (v) Since a continuous line of products need not be generated, the production can be reduced during off season and picked up when there is demand or a custom made request for a particular product. (vi) It facilitates the incorporation of the Just in Time Technology (JIT) into the manufacturing process. This is a method that has

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