Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Personal Narrative- Happy to be Away from Home Essay -- Personal Narra

For years I n ever spoke to anyone about it. neer mentioned a thing to my parents or teachers or my classmates(Rodriguez 623). 1 shiver as I evince it-the most powerful sentence I stir ever come across. Scared, confused and resentful, I slam the book shut. still confronts me. non a whisper, not a murmur-I hear nothing. I am alone. The donn room is too dark, the single lamp too dim. Anxious and frightened I flop onto the bed and look out at the night sky. Not a star is to be seen-Just infinite dark space. My pulse quickens. all of a sudden the room is too hot-too small. I feel claustrophobic. I squeeze my eye shut, willing it to go away. It wont. My palms become sweaty and I feel nauseous. I charge my legs in the air, angrily lashing out at the haunting memories. With every(prenominal) kick the anger builds up, until tears of hopelessness and frustration roll humble my cheeks onto the pillow. I cant take it anymore, and I scream, Aaaaahhhh Its further an es advance I incite myself. but that is exactly the problem-it has made me confront feelings that I have assay to ignore and had kept hidden for a very long time. I close my eyes and the memories flood my head, threatening to haunt me.I am the scholarship boy to a certain limit (Rodriguez 622). 1 am an excellent student. Always successful, always confident. Needing to be the best. I study and read to succeed-to get a report card with nothing but As. I dont study to learn. I am a good student and even so at the same time, a bad one. I read, ace an exam, and thus forget about it, for my sole purpose is to succeed and get ahead. But this does not make me bookish- merely ambitious and overzealous for success. Education is the only way for you to succeed. Take advantage of every opportunity you get, my... .... It makes me feel ungratifying that my parents love me and miss me so much, yet I cannot fully go that. It took Rodriguez a lifetime to come to terms with that. I wonder if Ill ever have the co urage he had to took back. At this point I do feel like I have lost quite a bit of the cultural part of my childhood, but as yet I do not view it as a great loss. ace thing is for sure the essay forced me to confront my true feelings and has presumptuousness me a way to express myself and a way to deal with issues I would have never otherwise faced. At this point I cannot say whether I will try and recover my lost culture. I only hope that university does not create an even greater barrier and outdistance between my family and me.Works CitedRodriguez, Richard. Achievement of Desire. Ways of Reading. Ed. Tony Perrietto and Joan E. Feinberg. Boston Bantam Books, 1999. 620-639.

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