Thursday, July 25, 2019

Different Approaches to The Ways That Gender Affects Language Use Essay

Different Approaches to The Ways That Gender Affects Language Use - Essay Example This research will begin with the statement that Ã' ommunication is a significant in the daily life of an individual. It is important that information is relayed within the shortest time possible and is as precise as possible. However, distortions can often occur, mainly due to differences in culture and gender. The gender difference is a factor that affects communication to a significant degree. It is common knowledge that men and women communicate differently. Whereas men are not so open to their conversation, women are generally talkative and will express their feelings through various ways including crying, laughing or just through various body languages. However, these factors cannot resonate across all populations. Several authors on the topic suggest that factors such as family backgrounds, the schools attended, early childhood life, and exposure can always predispose an individual to communicate or react differently. Today, most people accept the fact that gender affects how people communicate; women and men communicate in different ways. The differences can pose interpersonal interaction challenges, therefore, leading to resentment, intolerance, decreased productivity and stress. Women and men are said to belong to two cultures mainly due to their differences in sex and early childhood tendencies to the group as boys and girls. This tendency is not only critical in the business setting, but in everyday life. It is, therefore, important that the differences are understood so that communication can be as effective as possible, irrespective of gender.

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