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Natural Rights Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Natural Rights - Essay Example These men have criticized strongly about the theory of natural rights and have put down their opinion in public with determination. Both Marx and Burke believed in liberty but was against the idea of natural rights According to Kreis(2009)â€Å"Marx rejects natural rights as a bourgeois invention. Socialism does not make appeals -- it demands. It speaks not of rights but of the new form of life which replaces the old social order†. According to Marx, people naturally have the liberty to perform action and enjoy its benefits under the rule of a civil institution However he argued that given the natural rights to human, he can bring out the selfish nature in him and harm the society. Marx claimed that people had the right to fight for their liberty against government at all cases. On the other hand Burke believed that allowing natural rights to people could endanger the government and it political structure. As per Stangroom,(2009)â€Å"Burke’s rejection of Enlightenment talk of natural rights, though, is fuelled by more than just a pragmatic, cautionary sensibility†. Natural right is the right present inherently with the personality of human being. The political theorist believes that a human being while entering a society come with natural rights offered to them by the nature. They claim that no government holds the power to deny these rights to the individuals. The rights to win property or right to rule is not a privately owned one but of natural quality. In his book Tierney(1997) writes that â€Å"Rights of ruler ship and rights of property were a part of the divine scheme of things; that was why transgression of these rights by disobedience or theft was considered as a moral sin†39. The idea of natural rights has evolved from the ancient doctrines of natural laws. According to natural law, since human beings are creation of God their rights in the society

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