Friday, July 19, 2019

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Computer Science    I have always been interested and intrigued by computers, ever since using a BBC when I was very young. Since then I have become fluent in writing BASIC and more recently I have learnt HTML, the language of the World Wide Web on which I have my own wesite. I use computers for most of my exam coursework such as Solving Equations Using Numerical Methods for Pure Maths 2 and also for recreation.    My A-level studies are Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Design Technology. I have always been fascinated by numbers and this interest is continuing, hence my choices in A-level subjects. I enjoy the application of Mathematics to Physics. In Design Technology I can be creative and at the same time use my knowledge of Mathematics and Physics to help solve problems.    I am applying for the course of Computer Science because I would like to increase my knowledge of this subject. I hope that in the future I will be able to create applications for computers that will help people to save time and money.    For a career, I would like to be involved in the fast developing computer industry and more particularly with the Internet. I think it has immense potential and I would like to be able to develop the Internet to make it help the lives of day to day people. In this way I would also like to help make computers more like humans with for example voice operated user interfaces.    For my University course I am seeking sponsorship from several companies associated with computers and computing.    I am an active member of my Sixth Form being a prefect with supervisory responsibilities. I hold the positions of both sixth form committee member and House Captain for my school house. I have performed in the VI form pantomime, The Wizard Of Oz, for the local primary school children. When my school took part in BBC Newsround?s national mock election I was the Party Leader for the Liberal Democrat Party. I designed posters on my computer and helped mastermind the campaign in the school. This involved speaking in a four-way debate between the three party leaders and an audience of interested sixth formers and staff. My hard work paid off and I won my seat for the Sixth Form with an overwhelming majority.

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