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Flims Harry Potter and the Avengers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Flims Harry Potter and the Avengers - Essay Example ques in order to enhance the effectiveness of the films, film producers employ numerous emblements including lighting, camera movement, transitions and editing features among many others in order to portray each film as both unique and original (Nelmes, 2003). The discussion below thus analyses the difference in the structures of two films; Harry Potter and The Avengers by analyzing the difference in both the storylines and the unique film production techniques the developers of each film employs. This way, the discussion portrays the similarities and difference in the two films. As stated earlier, films have definite story lines often in a form of narration. This refers to the action and series of events that occur in the film. Just with any other type of literary construction, the film must have a definite structure and flow chronologically in a manner that provides a logical flow of ideas and stories. Film narratives thus have characters who must exhibit appropriate characteristics in order to complement the original ideas of the stories. Among the major and equally distinctive features of the two films is their genres, Harry Potter is a series of eight fantasy films and are film adaptation of J. K. Rowling’s novels of the same tittle while The Avengers is a series of comical films. Fantasy films just as the name suggests are films based on imaginary stories (Serkis, 2003). The author of the novel therefore develops imaginary stories a feature that requires effective construction of conflicts in a logical manner. Logical conflicts help validate the storyline thus enhancing the satisfaction of the audience. The avengers on the other hand is a comical film, this implies that the films main objective is to cause humor. The storyline of the two films thus differ since each strives to achieve different objectives. While The Avengers strives to humor, Harry Potter strives to convenience the audience of the logical nature of the hyperbolic narrative. The Harry

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