Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Protecting Human Research Participants Coursework

Protecting Human Research Participants - Coursework ExampleWithin these research aras, there is a robust Research Ethics Review Board (ERB). The team is tasked with approving research proposals in stemma with National Institute of Health (NIH) requirement (NIH Office of Extramural Reserach, 2010). It is a multi-disciplinary body made up of four members including a doctor, pharmacist, nurse, and case manager. Together, they review aspect of the proposal and ensure that they provide borderline security system under the ethical principles laid down in Belmont Report.In line with ERBs requirements, this body meet the minimum requirements as stipulated in the NIH provisions. Three aspects of their ethics works prove that they are in line with requirements. Firstly, these members are from medical professionals, thus knowledgeable in health and health research. They also meet twice each week to review proposals the frequent meeting is an important part of work that all ERBs should meet . Lastly, this ERB has members with a non-finite experience in health research.

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