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The World Film joural Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The World Film joural - Essay role modelThe films charactersexistinrealitymaking it morerealandintense in fact, slightly of the cast resided in Rio de Janeiro at the time of shooting this film. city of God focuses on the tagline that if angiotensin-converting enzyme chooses torun,thebeastcatches up withthem and, if they choose tostay, thebeasteats them. This is a moral dilemma which faces the characters in the film, who shoot tochooseto either leave the crime-infested suburb or stay put and become affected by the organized crime. The film has received much acclaim on different aspects ranging from receiving four Academy prize nominations, the best writing (adaptation), directing, editing and cinematography. The film opens by chickensbeing prep bedfor a meal, but whizz of the chickens manages to escape andis chasedby agangmember who meet Rocket, ayouthwho seems to conceptualisethat the gang is out to kill him. The filmsexcellentcinematography comes out when the chicken halts m ingled with the Rocket and the armed gang member showing theconfusionbeing witnessedin the area by most young persons, unsure of which side tofollow either thebunchof criminals or theordinaryperson. Suddenly, weare takenback to Rockets childhood days where he is playingsoccer here, we notice how the City of Godwas establishedin the late 1960s. ... This, in turn, endears the trio to the citizens, whoprotecttheformerand near young men evenidolizethem as heroes and saviors of the community. However, such idolization has detrimental effects for some of the boys in the City of God as seen through Lil Dice, who manages to talk his counterparts into raiding a motel and robbing its occupants off their valuables. Being too young, Lil Diceis taskedto serve as a finder for the police, a move that angers Lil Dice, who subsequently uses his issued gun to kill all the motel occupants. In the City of God, induction into the life of crime and gangs takes place at a tender age as straight before through Lil Dicebeing givena gun towarnhis lotof police arrival. The law enforcement agenciesare broughtinto the limelight upon the occurrence of the motel assassinate. In the story, the police have a move back attitude towardscriminalgangs, choosing to wait until a crime as grave as the massacre occurs before theyact((Lins and Entrekin, p. 113). Cohesion among members of criminal gangs is minimal as theyturnagainst one another upon the slightest provocation. Lil Dice, who appears to have enjoyed the act of killing, shots down his friend Goose after stealing from him. The film leaps forward into the 1970s where we note that Rocket has since joined a group ofyouthfulhippies, the Groovies, who take part in smoking marijuana. Rocketsinfatuationwith a girl draws him further towards his interest in photography.However, his efforts of acquire closer to the girlare squashedby the Runts, a group of young trouble seekers beneath the leadership of Lil Dice who now refers to himself as Li l Ze. Lil Dicesevolutioninto a drug king results in his wanton

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