Tuesday, April 30, 2019

MEDIEVAL WARFARE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

MEDIEVAL WARFARE - Essay ExampleCertainly, masculinity is not exhibited only in terms of the nature of the combat, which generally involves brute force. Rather, critical aspects of the amply Metal Joust such as characterization continue to be an area where masculinity works most. Taking the season 1 of the Full Metal Joust as a case study, it would be noted that out of a wide-cut of 16 contestants, over 70 percent of the number were males (Froissart, 1346). This shows a preconceived knowledge and idea in the minds of the ordinary person on the street of how masculine chivalrous warfare was and thus the need to conserves it as a masculine venture.The second instance or example has to do with the fact that in that location is a general stump that depicts males as combative and agile in defense as compared to womanishs. This stereotype has created a misconception that Full Metal Joust should be a thing for the males and that females should find themselves associated with certain little violent and combative ventures. Some pundits have linked the masculinity and stereotype involved in medieval warfare and other popular media to even the custom used by candidates, which they believe are forever and a day designed to appear masculine. This way, it is barely impossible to differentiate between a male and a female if they are both clad in their medieval warrior custom.In the whole idea or system of medieval warfare, it would be noted that much emphasis is given to some weapons over others. Technically, it could be state that this strategic approach has been taken due to the roles that selected weapons play in bringing about victory to warriors. To this effect, bow, arrow and spear have been given much attention whiles others like the sling have been sidelined. Two factors that could peradventure account for reasons for this development has to do with the reaching ability of some of these weapons in the event of combat and the portability of the weapons for swiftness. On the reaching ability of

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