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Tourism Management Course Work Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Tourism Management Course Work - Assignment Example5. Identify five motivations for exit of Europeans during Roman times, the Middle Ages, and Tudor times. Do such motivations exist today? Answer Motivations for pass during ancient, medieval, and Tudor periods consisted of many reasons including visiting family, political purposes, trade, exploration, and military objectives. All of these motivations for last still exist in unexampled contexts. The primary difference between ancient forms of travel and modern forms is that it takes a great deal little time to doctor from one place to another, and where 50 miles was once a great distance, it is now an minute in an automobile. 6. How historic atomic number 18 the motives of discovery and curiosity? Answer The types of interests that are stimulated during a spend are alert in defining how important discovery and curiosity are in monetary value of travel. When on a vacation based on seeing more of the world, these two aspects are vital and central to the experience. If the purpose is to relax and enjoy the environment, they are diminished a bit, but still important as new experiences stimulate and create new memories. 8. Provide a few examples of how a persons travel needs change over a life span. Answer Financial considerations will change as a person ages, their ability to travel based upon the amount of funds available towards that pursuit. When one is young, travel is defined by others who choose where one will travel. As one grows older, business purposes may offer up for travel needs, as well as the need to decompress. Travel becomes defined more clearly by interests. As age approaches, an individual will become more limited on how they respond to their environment. How those limitations are manifested will contribute to determining how travel will be achieved and what kind of travel will dress hat suit the intended purposes of the individual. 9. Give an example of travel experience over stimulu s (mental or physical exhaustion or both). Similarly, give an example of boredom (too little stimulation). Answer Walt Disneyworld in Orlando Florida is an example of overstimulation as there is so much to see that often families do not plan for rest appropriately. It becomes a marathon to get to the end of the vacation having seen as much as possible. Boredom can be found in a place that has a beach venue, the idleness on the beach not providing enough stimulation to feel how different the experience is to daily life. The beach, however, is still lovely. Chapter 10 1. Evaluate nicety as a travel motivator. Answer Culture is motivational where travel is concerned in relationship to how one culture interchanges their understandings and meanings with another through activities that are designed for discovery. How a culture views travel is central to the purposes that travel is employ for. 3. Give an example of a cultural experience that would be closely satisfying to a visitor in a country much different from his or her own. Answer Food is one of the most interesting ways in which to experience a culture that is different from ones own. discretion the relationship of food to the individuals within a culture and how it is used in regard to their traditions can nominate an informative framework for meaningful discovery. 4. Create a life-seeing tourism program in your community. Answer In creating a life-seeing tou

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