Tuesday, May 28, 2019

DEAF TECHNOLOGY Essay examples -- Essays Papers

DEAF TECHNOLOGYIndividuals who are deaf or are hearing impair are set about with many problems in todays world. There are so many tasks and activities that are done today that deaf or hearing afflicted people may have difficulty doing because of there handicap. There handicap used to stop them or inhibit them from doing something that they are interested in or there friends and neighbors would do. However in today there are new and different technologies, that help the deaf and hearing impaired in the activities in which they sine qua non to participate in which is hard for them to take part in because of there handicap. Technology is used to help with everyday tasks in the lives of deaf and hearing impaired individuals. With out this new technology which is being invented everyday, deaf and hearing impaired people may be considered to have a handicap which prevents them from certain activities, however this is not the case anymore, now these people just have different obstacles which through the use of technology they are learning to over come. They can do anything that regular normal range of hearing individuals can do, due to the new technology being invented everyday. Deaf and hearing impaired individuals are know yearner an out cast group. They now have there own deaf community. Deaf individuals do not consider themselves having an impairment, handicap, or any type of disability. They look at that through the use of sign language, other communication skills, and technology that there deafness is the way they are supposed to be. Many people who have pure(a) hearing can not understand deaf people and why they embrace there deafness instead of trying to receive hearing and frig around rid of there handicap. However not all deaf people have th... ...old, Johnson. (2004). U.S. Deaf Education Teacher Preparation Programs A Look at the Present and a Vision for the Future. American Annals of Deaf, 149, 75-91. Subject-Based Deaf and Hard of Hearing Interne t Resources. (2004, August 31). Retrieved October 17, 2004, from http//wally.rit.edu/internet/subject/deafness.html Tellatouch. (2004). Retrieved October 17, 2004, from http//www.aph.org/braillewriters/tell.htm National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. (November 2002). Retrieved October 17, 2004, from http//www.nidcd.nih.gov/health/hearing/coch.asp Keeping in touch through Maryland Relay, Baltimore MD, Maryland Department of Budget Management.Nebraska focusing for the Deaf and hard of Hearing, (2004) How To use a TTY, Retreived November 14, 2004, from http//www.nol.org/home/NCDHH/brochures/how_to_tty_broch.pdf

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