Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Medical law and ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Medical law and ethics - Essay ExampleThe doctors have a responsibility to care for the lives and should not allow anyone to lose his or her life even the unborn infant (House of Commons 2007). Abortion Act of 1967 prohibits abortion unless the mothers life was in danger and noting could be done to save the child.The doctor should use the right procedure for acquiring organ for transplant (McLean Sheila 2009) in accordance to HT Act. The HT Act determines the procedure for obtaining the consent either from the decedent or from the deceased or from the relatives of the deceased (FarrellAnne-Maree, 2011). In case the deceased left(a) no consent the doctors should seek the consent from the qualifying mortal (Madsen Klein 2011). The immediate person who was staying with the deceased is the most qualifying person from whom doctors should seek consent (Jackson Emily 2013). Therefore, since Nellie had not left any consent, Dr. Black had a duty to obtain the consent from her family to us e Nellies organs for transplant. However, since her keep up was the most qualifying and was against the doctors idea of using her organs, Dr. Black could not use them contempt the consent of Nellies parents.Doctor should inform the patients of the risks associated with each feat in order to ease them bugger off an informed decision (Gleeson Michael 2008). The patients have to weigh between the problems they are going through and the risk they allow get exposed to as a result of medical operations (Crellin J. K 2005). Patients should request for schooling just to be sure of what they are likely to go through during or after the operation (McConachie Ian 2009).Doctors should ensure their patients are not caught by surprise in case of unexpected consequences (Garden James, 2012) for this will help patients to learn to trust their doctors. In this case the Dr. Roberts failed to mention about stiffness of the neck and it occurred the doctor is apt(p) for his client for

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