Saturday, May 4, 2019

Serving size of carrots and snap peas(presentation) Assignment

Serving size of cultivated carrots and crumble peas(presentation) - Assignment ExampleNutrition experts have come up with a recommended serving size of two carrots and pretzels which we are advised to adhere to. For carrots, we should at least liquidate half a cup of cooked carrot sticks, which translates to about 75g (100350kJ). This is the recommended serving size of carrots that we ought to consume.Pretzels on the other hand are not essential and ought to be served in small quantities. Nutrition experts recommend that we should consume it once in three days and nullify growth of honey and other sugary products. Pretzels serving size is 20 minis which is 30g and contains 110 calories. Meaning we ought to consume more of carrots than pretzels in order to maintain good dietary practices.Snap peas is another example of a highly nutritious food, doctors advocate that we ought to take them in large quantities. Personally I am bulky fan of snap peas because of their sweet taste. Sn ap peas contain little concentration of cholesterol, sodium and fats. In addition it is fertile in Riboflavin, Pantothenic Acid, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Potassium. Besides, I would recommend you to increase the consumption of snap peas because they are rich in fiber which is vital for the body.Its serving size is half a cup of cooked snap peas which is 80g translates to 60 calories. Unlike snap peas, chips fall under junk food and have varied adverse effect on our health. For instance, they contain too much calories and cholesterol. Junk food has been identified globally as a source of bad cholesterol which causes complications such as heart disease and stroke. My advice to you is to reduce or fend off the consumption of chips to avoid bad cholesterol and the risks associated with

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