Monday, May 13, 2019

Which you would classify as art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Which you would classify as fraud - Essay ExampleWhile any purpose can qualify as an object of art, every human being has different personal values and beliefs that make them qualify the same tip as an object of art.Following an ancient definition of art, any object or activity that requires skills to fall in is artistic work (Art and Appreciation). In this regard, plays that people watch in theatres, artistic portraits intermission on peoples walls, and the well-crafted tables they use at work and home qualify as objects of work. In my living environment, the silk hat illustrations of art are placemats that I use on my table made of hyacinth. First, these placemats qualify as objects of art because it required artistic skills to produce the final object. It is important to point out that the placemats are usually on the top of a table, which is also an object of art. However, the placemats stand out from the table since their form, or appearance is much satisfying than the ta ble.As earlier indicated, the placements mats are made of hyacinth weed, which is a major threat to sea life as the hyacinth mat clogs the waterway and makes any water activity impossible. Hence, the placemats, made of hyacinth, bring out the importance of controlling the spread of the weed. In this case, the placemats qualify to become objects of art since they communicate an idea and they dumbfound a sentimental meaning (McFee and Degge). Personally, I value environmental conservation, and I believe that creating awareness on the importance of conservation efforts is the first step towards conservation. Hence, the placemats, made of hyacinth, remind me of the dangers that the weeds posed on the environment, more so the ecological dangers.According to Dissanayake, peoples limited and narrow perceptions construct art, which implies that art forget never be universal. For this reason, different people will define aestheticism in different ways. Therefore, what will be beautiful to one person might not

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