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Contemporary Issues and Policies Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Contemporary Issues and Policies - Term motif ExampleConsequently it shows hot information technology influences the structure and processes of the composition and policies that impact the project. Physical therapy is a health carry on profession that deals with the identification and maximization of the quality of life through prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. It involves an active interaction between the therapist, patient, families, community and other health professionals/providers. It is in this field that Outpatient Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services (OTPRS) operates. OTPRS offers both(prenominal) physical therapy (neck and back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee and ankle), and specialty programs (occupational and hand therapy, vestibular/ balance program, sports medicine, work related injuries, medical gym, degenerative pain management, massage therapy, womens health). In order to fit and remain competitive in the market, OTPRS has primed(p) down strategies to incorporate the current issues and policies in US and the world. This is due to the realization that globalization as a modern issue demands for expansion of economic interdependence as a conscious state and nerve strategy (Mastanduno, 2001). United States has modeled itself into a modern epitome of democracy with a good social, economic and political facet that is admired by many. The result has been an influx of people into US seeking employment, citizenship, health care and education. These people are from a different culture of the world. In order to incorporate this upstart group of potential clientele, OTPRS has embarked on an expansion project that seeks to study these new markets in line with their honest and cultural backgrounds. However, it draws caution of the looming effect of new competition from Asian Tigers who offer cheaper therapeutic services to the market. This has prompted the organization to upscale its standard of operation to o ffer competent services without necessarily having to lower prices. OTPRS is aware of an outgrowth in the aging population in United States. There has been a constant 12.4 percentage plus in the number of persons 65 years of age and above (CDC, 2004). The population is characterized with functional limitation and a high prevalence of chronic diseases, hence, a high demand for therapeutic services. This trend has forced the political party to expand its capacity in service provision though its 5 centers (Auburn, Covington, Covington Satellite, Maple Valley and Kent) and its online program. Through its online program, a patient can request for an appointment, pay their bills online, or even refer another patient to the organization. OTPRS operates in the health care industry with three major payers government (Federal, State and local employers and the health care consumers. Trends of consumption have shown that services that are covered with insurance and payment methods are consu med more that the ones borne by the customers. However, Medicare is now available to almost all of the American aging population. This is a positive aspect in the healthcare industry and will impact positively on players such as OTPRS. One of the regulations in the US health care industry is The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) of 1996. It is the major restrictive policy that affects organizations that provide services to consumers within the United States (NetIQ, 2005). Others include the

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