Thursday, May 30, 2019

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Looking for a fast and affordable small car? Two excellent choices are the Mitsubishi Eclipse GT and the Pontiac princely Am GT. The Pontiac fantastic Am GT and the Mitsubishi Eclipse GT are equivalent yet different in several ways. The Pontiac Grand Am and the Mitsubishi Eclipse are similar in that theyre both affordable and fast small cars. First, both are under $25,000 brand new, with the Grand Am GT costing near $18,000 and a Mitsubishi Eclipse GT costing $20,000. The Grand Am GT goes 0-60 in 7.5 seconds, while the Eclipse sprints 0-60 in 7.9 seconds. The average 0-60 time for a small inexpensive car is around 11 seconds. Another similarity is they both have V6 engines. The Grand Am has a responsive 3.3L 175 hp V6 with 205 lb/ft of torque. The Eclipse has a 3.0L 200 hp V6 that kicks out 205 lb/ft of torque as well. They are both small, automatic transmission cars that seat up to 5 people. The Grand Am weights in at 3,100 lb and the Eclipse weights 3,200 lb. Grand Ams and Ecl ipses each have a different interior and exterior function however. For example, the style on the exterior of the cars is dramatically different. The Grand Am has an exuberant styling sure to attract attention. The Eclipse, on the other hand is a nice face car, but it doesnt look quite as fancy or as sporty as the Grand Am because it doesnt have the force back intake on the hood of the car, nor does it have dual exhaust like the Grand Am GT. Another difference is in the interior design. The Grand Ams interior is gaudy looking plastic and is plainly laid out. The Eclipse interior is more attractive and just doesnt look cheap like the Grand Am.

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