Monday, April 15, 2019

So You Think You Are Going to Live Forever Essay Example for Free

So You regain You Are Going to hot Forever EssayEveryone count ons that none of the stories they hear allow happen to them. They appreciate they are invincible. So You Think You Are Going to Live Forever? is a presentation by Officer Pete Collins to a group of high school students. It was taken in 1990 to lower the level of those who intoxication and drive. Sadly, the rate of tipsiness has gone up. In this essay, it will explain what beer commercials dont. Alcohol is advertized every day. They are the leading household in commercial advertisements today. However, there is so many things alcohol and beer advertisements dont mention. Like the many lives it has take, young and old, or how it robs yourself of your own decisions. When alcohol is running through ones bloodstream it paralyzes their dexterity to make decisions for themselves. Alcohol robs the bloodstream of oxygen. Your body and brain need lots of oxygen to function properly. The privation of oxygen results in speech and behavioral changes. They can non think for themselves.Imagine you cant think and you unify that with driving. The consequences are extreme. People think that if they dont drink they are safe. That is tremendously wrong. You have the similar chances of getting in a wreck when you are not drunkard then when you are. There has already been 244 deaths due to drunk driving just this year. Drinking affects every one of us, regardless of whether we chose to drink or not. You probably were not drinking, but the reckless driver that crashed into you was.Other peoples actions and chooses affect you just as much(prenominal) as your own chooses affect you. One person is killed every half hour due to drunk driving. Each year approximately 16,000 are killed. Alcohol is a factor in almost half of all traffic fatalities. Every other minute a person is seriously injured in an alcohol related crash. YOU can observe this by just not drinking while driving. That is wherefore everyone should help spread the word to not drink and drive. You never know, it might even save our support and also your loved ones.When Officer Collins first walked on and started talking, I was like Great some other video teaching us not to drink and drive. However, after the video ended I was so affected by the stories of the many that dies I decided I would make a chose to never drink and drive. People dont understand the risk they are putting on their lives and on everybody elses life on the read. If people understood, they wouldnt even think twice about getting into a car when they are drunk. They think they are invincible, like nothing will happen to them.Their friends are by their side, drinking and having a good time. They pressure you into drinking, even though you know you have to drive that night. You think they are true friends that theyll be by your side forever. However, when you are covered in glass, you know you were wrong. Your friends wont be there. Youll die all alon e were the exact words of Officer Collins. Do not drink and drive, no matter what the circumstances are. It is only homosexual nature to think that nothing will happen to you.We are raised hearing so many stories that have never happened to us and we think they never will. Nevertheless, when we make the bad chooses, they most definitely happen. Officer Pete Collins experienced things that a human being should never have to ever experience. Every single one of us can prevent the deaths of car accidents if we chose not to drink and drive. Do not be fooled by the beer commercials. For they only tell you what they indirect request you to hear. Do not drink and drive, no matter what. If you survived once, you wont be so lucky the next time.

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