Saturday, June 22, 2019

American Presidency Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

American Presidency - Essay ExampleWhile this makes the disposal smooth to function, it also creates a fault variant between the governing and the other arms of the government, making the sharing of power by these three arms of the government more difficult.Needless to say, synergetic mental process of these three arms of the government is important because of a number of issues. First, the presidency is the only part of the government that is held by one case-by-case and in cases where the individual fails to hold this office in high esteem such as was the case with Richard Nixons presidency, there is likely to be a very large damage. Secondly, the presidency needs checks and balances to be in place to always make sure that the integrity of the government is maintained. This leads to a paradox where the executive privilege of the presidency is needed abut at the same time is the risk that this privilege may be abused by office holders.The only solution, therefore, is to create boundaries that prepare which aspects of the presidency can benefit from these presidential privileges. However, creating these boundaries may not be easy since the functions that the president plays on a daily basis are versatile and not easy to handle. There have been many situations where the issue of presidential executive privilege has been put to trial. One of the most significant of this was the Richard Nixons presidency during his trial after he was charged with abuse of the presidential office. The hook ruled that although the office of the president enjoyed the presidential privilege, this privilege was not absolute. In this case, where the court feels that the presidential privilege has more negative implications than positive ones, it may require the peeling off of these privileges. A similar decision was reached in Bill Clintons time where the court decided that the number of advisers that the president can have who are

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