Saturday, June 1, 2019

Melian Dialogue as interpreted through perspectives of Realism, Liberal

Melian Dialogue as interpreted through perspectives of Real ism, Liberalism, and Constructivism Imagine Cleomedes, son of Lycomedes, general of the famed forces of the lustrous Athenian Empire, waiting for a trio of representatives to return from The Melian Dialogue. Well? he demands impatiently as they arrive, What did they say? As perspectives and opinions in the realm of governmental science are fluid and bound to change, he receives a variety of replies, for the representatives body he sent happen to comprise a Realist, a Liberal and a Constructivist. The variances the philosophies and universal laws his representatives throw back at him intrigue General Cleomedes. He recognizes that within the power play of the world, and the role of Athens as a superpower within the worlds policy-making arena, he must be thoroughly versed in every possible political perspective. Thus, he invites his representatives to share their own view of what transpired between the communication between the Melians and the Athenians. The Realist, absolutely dedicated to the preservation and security of the Athenian Empire declares stoutly, General, it is no great surprise that our negotiations reflected the success and dominance of realism in the political arena. The Liberal, mindful of universal pathos over such a nationalistic approach, gasps. Deeply moved by the proceedings of the Melian dialogue, and aghast at the lack of discretion in her fellow representatives, she offers a venomous retort, To hell with realism Cant you see the truth? Oh, my comrades are blind to the universal laws of right and defame Truly, our very invasion of this people is immoral We should be moved by empathy and compassion for the Melians A steady, even voice i... ...ialogue are enveloped in the great ism constructs for which this extremely modern political theory is known (Hughes, Chp.3). And as the Constructivist sees social groups interacting within the world, he contributes to our understanding of the groups through the invention of identity. The Constructivists label groups of people with honey oil interests and gives words with which to speak of rising ideas and philosophies. The Melian Dialogue bears a host of political interpretations as the Melians and Athenians negotiate the reality of power and rights of countries on the scale of empires. Though Cleomedes at last relied on the heavy handed realist course of action in the Peloponnesian War, ideally, he could have cultivated a healthy respect for differing universal truths of political theories and the fluidity of interpretation in every text available to us today.

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