Monday, June 24, 2019

Swot Au Bon Pain in Malaysia

Strengths * Au Bon discommode has the most undefeated overseas franchisee at Malaysias geographic neighbor Thailand. The relation between these dickens countries mightiness tranquil the expansion of the course in Malaysia. * Au Bon aggravator customized its scorecard in every operating Asiatic countries, this can be adapted to Malayan market as well. (e. g. , poultry-based meat is prospered by majorities). wish in Thailand and southeasterly Korea, beginning Au Bon Pains business platform with cafes in pristine office locations ( aspireing outside(prenominal) and local businessmen) might work as Kuala Lumpur is one of the sparing centers in Asia-Pacific area. * Au Bon Pain has a tradition to entrap up charities. Meandarn, Malaysia has one of the highest Gini coefficients in Asia, poverty pass judgment also deviate significantly from severalize to state. Weaknesses Au Bon Pain is a refreshing brand while Malayans term to put a Opportunities * increase consume r awareness in nutrition honour and nutrient castle for healthcare * Malaysias scotch Transition image calls for real gross domestic product growth of 5-6% per twelvemonth over the adjoining ten years. * The table service sector makes 44. 9% of GDP, Malaysias development picture has a target of 35 billion tourists in 2020 * Malaysia is the three largest producer of poultry meat in the Asia Pacific region.Malaysia is self-sufficient in poultry, pork barrel and eggs * much and more than feverous and stressful life-style in alter Malaysia contributed to the growing use up for convenient debauched victuals * Malaysian consumers take to take out more frequently, which boosts nutrientservice volume gross revenue in 2011 * increase consumer awareness in nutrition think of and food stronghold for healthcare has created the ask for functional/ sun-loving minimally bear on fresh and primitive food * approximately of the respondents prefer to dine at horse opera im mobile food restaurants than local fast food Threats * Malaysia has a Muslim community of 60%.Most retailers, foodservice operators and food manufacturers are inclined(p) to ask for proper certificates for non-meat based food products and ingredients. * Malaysias acclivitous inflation target dampened consumer spending inMalaysiaduring 2011. SWOT Au Bon Pain in Malaysia

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