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How Bathsheba Everdene Has Changed in the Novel Far From The Madding Cr

How Bathsheba Everdene Has Changed in the Novel Far From The Madding CrowdBathsheba Everdene is a changed woman by the end of this myth. Byreferring closely to events in the text, show to what extent you agreewith this statement.In this essay I am going to be deciding to what extent that I thinkBathsheba Everdene has changed in the fiction Far From The MaddingCrowd. I will compargon the two sides and reach my conclusion.I think that in the novel, in some ways Bathsheba has changed.When we first meet Bathsheba she is going to consist with her aunt, andis probably dependant upon her. Then, Bathsheba inherits a farm andmoney. This occurrence would give Bathsheba more independence andfreedom, so in that way she has changed from the sound of the novel.When Bathshebas sheep get into a landing field of clover, the only person whocan help her is Gabriel Oak. At first Bathsheba refuses to ask Gabrielfor help as they pass had a row but then she does. Gabriel repliesbeggars mustnt be choo sers. We know that Bathsheba is a very proud,independent woman and doesnt like to ask for help, but here sheswallows her pride and sends a note reading, Do not cede meGabriel. This must have been quite a hard thing for a stubborn personto do, and I think that earlier on in the book, Bathsheba wouldnthave been able to do such a thing. This therefore shows that Bathshebais now more grown up and able to see the bigger picture of life.At the start of the novel, Bathsheba is very young and innocent. WhenGabriel Oak proposes to Bathsheba the first time, Bathsheba saysI shouldnt mind being a bride at a wedding, if I could be onewithout having a husbandHowever, at both times when Bathsheba is mar... because she is jealous that he doesnt look ather at the fair, she wants what she cant have, so when he proposes toher, she doesnt know how to let him down gently. But the bet on timeshe isnt straightforward because she doesnt want to hurt hisfeelings. So although she is indecisive, she does seem to developfeelings for Farmer Boldwood, as she doesnt want to hurt him in theend.After reading this novel I have decided that Bathsheba is a changedwoman to some degree, but underneath she is still the same stubborn,vain girl. I think the changes that have occurred are due to hergrowing up and becoming a woman and I think that she has learned fromher mistakes and from the experiences she has dealt with. I think anychanges that have happened to Bathsheba have happened for the break upas she is noticing her faults and is better because of it.

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