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Tate Modern Museum - Poetry & Dream Wing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Tate Modern Museum - Poetry & Dream Wing - Essay Examplehough the impressive ground-floor galleries atomic number 18 dedicated to the display of contemporary works, they read as modernist museum spaces.2 This recognition indicates that the museum itself functions more than merely a space for hanging and featuring of art, but actively participates in the art creation process. This essay specifically examines the Tate Moderns Poetry and Dream annexe within the context of a variety of evaluative criteria.In examining the Poetry and Dream wing, one recognizes the strong significance of the museums curator. Curators are accountable for the feel of Tate Modern Museum and the conceptual presentation of artworks within the wing. The architects in the wing must direct all the interpretations of the constructions they plan, not the artworks housed in them. Like every museum, they require to react and adapt to the numerous kinds of forces shaping the current world. Art museums present tense face numerous challenges. The ideology and philosophy of the art museum nowadays consists of the implications of increasedinternationalization. One considers that with the multi-varied artworks implemented in the Poetry and Dream wing reflect galore(postnominal) of these concerns.The Poetry and Dream gallery wing displays the exhibits thematically, rather than chronologically. Contemporary art is juxtaposed with modern. Though recently it has been re-ordered, it still retains most of the patterns in accordance with the thematic display. The present arrangements provide the viewer an idea of modern art transcending the contemporary, as different movements within art forms fill the transformation. Still, one considers Barker who argues that, by discriminate objects for purposes of aesthetic contemplation, it encourages the viewer to project on to them meanings and values that have no real basis in the objects themselves.3 Although such fetishism as he terms it is a danger of such an alysis, this research ahs worked towards drawing tangible and

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