Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Banishment of Civilian Ownership of Assault Rifles Essay - 1

The Banishment of Civilian Ownership of Assault Rifles - Essay ExampleThe appall rifles tend to be used in wars and they argon said to be responsible for the deaths of millions of people in conflicts worldwide. The power of such weapons is so great that they are feared as well as held in surprise by many people. When such weapons are brought into the civilian world, they are more likely to bring with them chaos than peace. The thought of individuals owning assault rifles can be considered a direct threat to society. The people who should be best armed in the society are the police, and this is because they corroborate the stern duty of having to fight violent crime. However, with assault weapons in the hands of civilians, especially criminals or unstable people, then it would become an increasingly heavy task for the police to ensure the security of the public.Despite the concomitant that civilians have to be allowed some form of weaponry to defend themselves, assault rifles are not among them. This is because these rifles have been devised to do one thing only, and that is to exterminate life. much(prenominal) a weapon belongs to a warzone in the hands of soldiers whose aim is to kill their opponents before they are killed. Civilians hardly ever have to confront such lieu hence, assault rifles do not belong in their stubbornness. Most people tend to use the guns in their possession for the purpose of marksmanship, hunting, and recreational shooting. All the sports that have been mentioned have no need for the use of assault rifles because to use one would be completely destroy the sport. While all other rifles in the possession of civilians can be used for recreational activities, the assault rifle cannot and this puts it beyond the range of civilians. Such weapons have been built for the sake of destruction, the instant killing of handsome numbers of people in an instant (Grier, 2013). Assault weapons have automatic fire capabilities, and this tends t o be extremely useful when in an all-out gun battle. This

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