Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 270

Assignment Example Various parts of the world have different cultural practices and food preferences, the MacDonald in its establishment in each country, has paid attention to the cultural believes and the taste of the different countries. For instance in India, the country took into consideration the fact that the Hindu culture does not advocate beef consumption (Keegan, 2014). To curb the issue, the company provided a similar product but without beef in it – maharaja chicken-.The Company strategically places itself in abuse place that can attract more customers. For instance in India New Delhi initial branch, the company places itself in a busy street that saw soaring queue in the evenings hence drawing large revenue to the company. Moreover, for acceptability in the local areas, the company purchases over 90 percent of its raw materials from the locals (Keegan, 2014). As much as MacDonald’s might want to standardize its products in its entire chains world over, it has to pay attention to the local culture and preferences. To the MacDonald and its acceptability world over, the company has resulted to developing a similar product but using different ingredients that are acceptable in the local market. It is evidently displayed in

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