Monday, August 26, 2019

Critique-Does the Internet strengthens Social Connections Essay

Critique-Does the Internet strengthens Social Connections - Essay Example Writer has given evidences from many sources to support his viewpoint however; enough evidence is available to counter the viewpoint of writer. This essay will make an effort to highlight that Internet does not strengthen social connections rather it is a source of weakening them. In particular, the paper will include different examples to discuss the above-mentioned statement. Writer (2011) has discussed â€Å"diffusion of information across a wide population† and â€Å"online communities or social networking sites â€Å"as big advantages. It needs discussion how much these linkages have benefited humanity and the world as a whole. One need to see whether world is a better place to live today than it was ever before. It is considered that internet is damaging basic fabric of human society by replacing Face-to-Face Communication with Online Communication. Over the years, people of all ages, especially younger ones prefer to surf the web in homes rather than spending time wit h family members. Reference is made to a study available regarding negative effects of internet on teenagers, which states, (Web) â€Å"The proliferation of pornographic materials is undeniably one of the alarming things that has brought about by the Internet. It does not only corrupt the minds of the young people that are exposed to them but also it paves the way for the degradation of human dignity. It also strains the moral make up of society. The Internet also alienates the person from his social self. While most think that talking to loved ones through the computer screens allows or offers the same satisfaction of social needs just like engaging in conversations personally, there really is a big difference between the virtual self and the social self. This could further lead to addiction, which could hamper a person’s way of living and those who are directly in contact with him. The Internet was intended to be used for military purposes. However, due to its versatility and applicability, we have it as how it is used today. It exists as our friend when used properly and our foe when misused†. Beyond doubt internet has facilitated means for interpersonal communication while using social networking site like Face book and MSN Messenger, but to what end ?, it has become a biggest time waster for American people specially youth. People are found deeply involved in a never-ending loop of chatting, instant messaging, emailing, video conferencing, webcam pornography and host of other activities related to net. Social connectivity resulting from cyber space is temporary and forgettable. Faces can be swapped on net like web pages, one leading to another as a chain reaction without real affiliation with any one. Utility of internet in establishing social connections is a fact however these connections are, in majority cases, short lived, temporary and forgettable. Parents are very commonly found complaining about kids always sticking to internet one-wa y or the other. In addition to negative socializing there are menaces like entertainment , pornography and anti- religion sites which have become a source of mental deviation rather disease for many people. Another menace introduced by net is mind wandering in which people are not mentally present where they physically are. Web reference (Web -Social Capital and College Students’) quoted by writer refutes use of social networking sites by saying: Although this early work acknowledged the ways in which offline and online networks bled into one another, the assumed online to offline directionality may not apply to today’s SNSs that are structured both to articulate existing connections and enable the creation of new

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