Monday, August 12, 2019

Health Care Reform Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Health Care Reform - Assignment Example A week after the new health care reform was implemented, US insurance companies have been ceasing to offer health insurance policies that cover only children because of the fear that parents will wait until a child is ill before purchasing health insurance, and may drop the insurance after the child recovers (Tanne, 2010, n.p.). The new health care reform act of 2010 does not only extend insurance coverage among children but to all Americans as well. Changes on the new coverage of health care reform act affect both the government and uninsured population. Making health care affordable to all Americans will increase medical spending up to $ 1,600 or an increased in 70% per uninsured individual and savings in public programs are achieved because of changes in traditional payment changes in Medicare and Medicaid (Cutler, Davis, & Stremikis, 2010, 2). In addition, the new health care reform establishes insurance exchanges that will group individuals and small firms into larger entities, minimize marketing costs, and stronger oversight of industry practices. On the patient side, improvement in information are made available as well as the incentives and medical provision. Meanwhile, health care reform consequences include the excised of tax on premiums to give affordable health care to all Americans (Cutler, Davis, & Stremikis, 2010, 7), increase incidences of fraud and abuse in Medicare and Medicaid programs, and uneven distribution of health care costs to the patients with chronic conditions such as congestive heart failure, diabetes, and hypertension (Orszag & Emanuel, 2010, 602). Therefore, it is expected that medical spending will decrease over time because of improvement in health but expenses imposed on additional health care providers needed to provide care to all Americans passes the burden to premium member, open up opportunities for employers to abuse health insurances among workers, and limits monitoring check-ups of certain chronic conditions because of

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