Sunday, August 25, 2019

How could human cloning harm or benefit us Essay

How could human cloning harm or benefit us - Essay Example As there are different types of people living in the world, their perspective for the concept of cloning is also varied and based on different religions, demographics and the social aspects. Body The human cloning is a phrase that is used to describe the artificial ways of cloning human being such as human clones as the identical twins that came into existence as a natural reproductive process. This type of cloning is known as embryo cloning. In scientific field, cloning has three different types. The three types of cloning are termed as therapeutic cloning, reproductive cloning and embryo cloning. The first type of cloning or therapeutic cloning is highly used in the world of cloning that consists of adult cell cloning that is used for further research in the field. The second type of cloning is reproductive cloning that is entirely based on the reproduction of clones with the use of human cells. The various countries of the world have different perspective of accepting or declining the concept of human cloning. There are some countries that are willing to accept the concept of embryonic cloning, although, they are against the reproductive human cloning and involves India, China, England and Singapore. Nevertheless, there are few countries in the world that have directly and strictly prohibit the practicing and research of embryonic cloning and include Australia, Brazil, Germany, France and Mexico. In U.S. albeit the embryonic cloning is not prohibited, however, there are few states that have made it illegal and against the law. Moreover, the financial support from the federal department for the purpose of cloning research is also entirely banned. For that purpose, a bill was also proposed in the United States but was not passed that aimed to restrict the American citizen to travel other countries for the purpose of getting stem cell treatments with the help of embryo cloning. It has been seen that the cost of research of cloning just on animals in quite expen sive, thus makes it double or triple time costlier for the human cloning. It is because of the reason that scientists and researchers are mostly working on animal cloning extensively and various types of cloning studies are conducting on different animals including monkeys and frog cells. In the field of cloning and biotechnology, the researchers of United States and Europe have made the highest contribution when compared with the other countries. According to a cloning research in 2009, the American heart Association has provided the financial support for researching animal cloning, human DNA sequence and cell lines. In 2007, American state of California undertook a voting process where residents voted in favor of embryo cloning and even made the funds for the further research in the field. it is due to those people and most particularly the Californian scientists that the concept of human cloning gain momentum. The idea of opening up the human cloning clinics in Chicago was initia ted by the scientist Richard seed in 1998. He planned to open up almost twenty clinics in the country and other six clinics on the international grounds. Each country and its citizens have their own set of beliefs and reasons as to why the concept of human cloning must be accepted and promoted and why it should be banned and prohibited entirely. The most common reason is related to the ethics that promotes the banning of human cloning because in the beginning, the human cloning

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