Saturday, August 17, 2019

Balanced Scorecard Essay

1. State your organization’s supply chain strategy, e.g., â€Å"to provide customerwith high level of service while contributing to corporate profitability.† The company’s supply chain strategy is â€Å"to meet customer needs and advance our technology leadership while creating value for our customers at large. â€Å" 2. Provide one or two goals for each of the four balanced scorecard categories (customer, financial, internal, learning and growth.) 3. Provide at least one performance measure to match each of your goals Please refer to the following 2 pages. Operate IFS(Integrated Finance System) in efficient and effective way to conduct serial training and guarantee most of staff members trained and aware how to use it and benefit from it. Percentage of training records 95% yearly Financial & HR to contact an IFS user survey quarterly and increase the users satisfaction survey rating Percentage of increasing comparing with last quarter 5% quarterly Financial & HR Learning & Growth Recruit, develop and retain valuable staff to hunt abundant qualified candidates for interview and recruitment in order to meet the needs of functional departments. Percentage of completing recruitment 95% quarterly HR to review most of staff’s performance and compare their salaries to benchmark in the market and make a adjustment or explanation Percentage of completing adjustment/explanation 98% yearly HR Transfer knowledge of network security to conduct serial training and guarantee most of staff members aware it. Percentage of new employees completing security awareness training 95% yearly Security & HR to conduct an exam related to the concerning issues to network security. Percentage of employees who pass the exam. 95% yearly Security & HR

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