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Lessons from Hewlett-Packard Case Essay -- corporate spying, hp corpora

Hewlett-Packard Corporation plays an important role in the Information Technology products. In the report, it will choose two of the issues which are related to each other from the Hewlett-Packard troubles list. The first issue is the congressional federal did research to the corporate spying and pretexting in 2006. The second issue is about Mark Hurd, who was the president and CEO in HP, was accused of sexual harassment and did illicit business which conduct that he is short of judgment. First, the report begin with identify the moral problem which combine with some relevant background information which can let the reader better understand the situations. Next part, the report will definitely point to point analysis two of the issues related with the moral problem which are covering in the organizational behavior, so that reader can deeply understand and interpretation the problems. At last, finding the feasible ways and establishing the clear effectiveness solutions are the importa nt steps to pull HP Corporation through the downturn. The purpose of this report is using organizational behavior knowledge to comprehend and solve the HP workers’ moral problem. â€Æ' In the report, the first issue describe Hewlett-Packard Corporation was involved into an investigation of spying and pretexting by a congressional federal. According to Hyatt (2007), Patricia Dunn, who was the chairwoman in HP, illegally obtained the private phone records and some of the employee’s information which using the pretexting method led to HP corporation internal leaks. In the second issue, in his article, Hurd on the Street, Booth (2010) describes Mark Hurd, who was the chief executive officer in HP, was got fired on account of intentionally faked financial sta... ... Works Cited Barnard, J. (1992). Successful CEOs Talk about Decision Making. Business Horizons, 35(5), 70-74. Sheeder, F. (2006). If you Find Yourself in A Hole, Put Down the Shovel. Journal of Health Care Compliance, 8(6), 51-52. Booth, R.A. (2010). Hurd on the Street. Regulation, 33(4), 2-4. Collins, D. (2006). Five Levees for Improving Ethical Performance. Strategic Finance, 88(1), 19-21. Gebler, D. (2006). Creating an Ethical Culture. Strategic Finance, 87(11), 28-34. Hyatt, J. (2007). Lessons from Hewlett-Packard. Board Leadership, 2007(90), 6-7. Ostapski, S.A. & Pressley, D.G. (1992). Moral Audit for Diabco Corporation. Journal of Business Ethics, 11(1), 71-80. Priem, R. L., Walters, B. A., & Li, S. (2011). Decisions, Decisions! How Judgment Policy Studies Can Integrate Macro and Micro Domains in Management Research. Journal of Management, 37(2), 553-580.

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