Friday, October 18, 2019

BIET 336 (Individual recommendation report) Essay

BIET 336 (Individual recommendation report) - Essay Example This report entails discussions on the methods that criminals use during car theft; with two recommendations on mitigating the incident. Stealing cars has only negative effects in USA; and criminals employ various stealing methods. The Carjacking practice entails taking vehicles through force. Carjacking is very serious because the car owners are mostly assaulted. Carjacking entails criminals driving away the vehicle, after forcing the passengers or operators from the car. Automotive theft also involves fraudulent theft. This entails the unlawful acquisition of cars from the owner or seller, by fraudulent funds transfer. Most automobiles acquired through this unlawful method are immediately resold thereafter (Lesikar 346). The table below illustrates automobile theft increasing statistics in the USA. Criminals use various equipments during car theft. Weapons like firearms or knife are mostly applied during carjacking incidences. The weapons are used to break car windows or threaten the car owner. Spare wires and screw drivers are used for connecting the ignition and the power source during car theft. This power connection enables the criminals to drive away the vehicles. In the 2012 and 2013 analysis of car theft figures by the National Automobile Club; there are cities with decreased car theft rates (Los Angeles, and San Diego). This has been made possible through regular police patrols in the cities. Police on patrol are responsible for conducting random checks on vehicles. Other cities have significant increase in car theft rates (New York and Dallas). This is attributed to increased fraudulent car theft in affected cities. The criminals acquire the cars through unlawful methods. There are significant differences between increased and decreased car theft rates. This is because the two sets of affected cities employ different strategies in curbing the car theft practice; cities which employ effective strategies like

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