Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Research proposal - Impact of diabetes among the lebanese community in Essay

Research proposal - Impact of diabetes among the lebanese community in sydney - Essay Example The increasing cases of diabetes amongst Lebanese people are also a cause of worry. Sydney is host to a large number of Lebanese people, migrated to the country, hence the city, in search of better job opportunities living standards. There are many studies indicating increased prevalence of diabetes mellitus in these families. These have been ascribed to hereditary factors, food habits, prevalence of metabolic syndrome, and increased consanguinity over many generations (Abou-Daoud, 1969). Acculturation is a social phenomenon where family values tend to play important roles, and social and cultural factors related to the immigrant race determine the patterns of acceptance or resistance of newer cultural norms (Bhugra, 2004). This means community, family and social life will have an important impact of the disease on the family and quality of life of the individual (Dept Human Services (Vic), 2004). Diabetes in any population is associated with increased mortality, morbidity, economic, cultural, and social impacts on the person, family, relations, and the community (Zalloua, 2003). Therefore exploration into these factors can discover the qualitative indicators that are impacted with diabetes in this population which may be engineered to change these perspectives of diabetes amongst Lebanese population. With the availability of such details in the public domain, a literature review can be planned out. In order to have a comprehensive literature review, we have a variety of options like, medical and health journals, findings of similar researches undertaken in the recent past, studies undertaken by reputed institutions and organizations like the WHO, Australian Health Ministry etc. In the preliminary study that has been undertaken for this research, it has been observed that while lot of data is available on the lifestyle and its impact on diabetic cases on the

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