Thursday, October 24, 2019

Essay --

The film Kinsley was an interesting film to say the least. I must admit that I was a little uncomfortable at times while watching this movie. The study that was conducted by Alfred Kinsey was something that I believe the people of society are interested in but are conditioned to pretend like we are not. His finding in Sexual Behavior in the Human Male put many people at ease because I think inside everyone is very curious about what everyone else is doing. This is because we all have the desire to be normal and fit in with society. But as Kinsey found the sexual behaviors of males could not be further from what society thinks is normal. But what is normal really? I myself had this certain view about sexual behavior and there were certain things that I believed to be normal. But because of this movie my eyes are now open to the truth about sex. I think that for society sex is a very touchy subject and because of this people are oblivious to everything about sex. Different cultures have different views on sex and how it is suppose to be done. From the time we are young the culture tha...

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