Monday, October 7, 2019

Social Context Account Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Social Context Account - Essay Example Precisely speaking, we belong to the middle class; my father has a lucrative business. Despite the lucrative business that my father owned, I cannot categorically say that life was all rosy. There were tough times; the gambling took the better part of my father’s earnings to an extent that there was nothing left to fend for the family. The worst time came about when we lost our house and were forced to live in deplorable condition. I was brought up in Muslim family and therefore, at a tender age, I was exposed to Sharia virtues, which natured in me a variety of admirable core values. First, I am a staunch believer in the existence of Allah the father. This is my major core value and in my everyday life, I strive to live in accordance with the Koran doctrines. According to Achard (1993, pp. 103) â€Å"Core values are those fundamental beliefs that define how one conducts themselves." Core values, therefore, dictates and presents a guiding principle on one's action in the cours e of undertaking his daily activity. On a personal note, I believe I have core values that define my actions and decisions. Additionally, I belief that honesty is an integral value that everyone should possess as it makes one to earn trust among peers or colleagues. I always ensure that I speak the truth to my parent’s peers and colleagues, and this has enabled me to have a cozy relationship with everyone I interact with on various subjects. Kongstvedt (2006) avers that values play a great role to individuals as it dictates their decisions and actions from time, especially at the workplace. One notable role that values play in individual’s life is that it gives people purpose. When your values are clearly defined, you are less likely to drift and in all cases, you make decisions based on internal reflection. Lack of values makes life to lack direction and therefore, individuals will make decisions based on pressures and circumstances without deep reflection. Having cor e values restores purpose to life and provides direction on how one handle work-related challenges. When your core values are well cut out for you, all your decisions will be constituent with your core values. On the other hand, lack of apparent core values makes individuals to make decisions that they later on regret about and, which can even compromise on service delivery at the workplace (Archard, 2003). Core value also plays the role of making one to have confidence in one’s own ability. When you know your core values you gather courage because the decisions you make and your actions are based on the values you hold dear. Aries (2002) says that commitment to ones values give one the audacity to face job-related challenges head on because one belief in his own ability. Lastly, core values make life simple; one never debates on his decisions and actions they simply reflect if such actions align with their core values, which they hold dear. Core values offer an internal comp ass on how to handle the situation at the workplace during a crisis. Family is an important social unit that defines our roots. I am always committed to my family; I respect and am obedient to my parents, and I relate well with all my siblings. I subscribe to the adage ‘everything might change us, but we start and end with family’. My parents were a bit strict and my mother, in particular, has never allowed me to socialize with boys. My mother was very possessive she loved us so much and

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