Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Need for Survival Essay Example for Free

Need for Survival Essay The first topic I will be talking about is your need for physical survival. There is the need for food and water you will need shelter and some other odds and ends. You will need food first of all you will need to find a place that produces a sufficient amount of food such as a vegetable patch or a shop or a farm. In the book tomorrow when the war began they went to one of the houses that had a good well running vegetable patch and they choose good fruit and vegetables that would last for a good and long period of time. Also during the story they ended up using the shearers quarters to hide from the army people this was also done to get out of the weather. They had many water supplies they had the water in hell the opened out dam the water in the bottles. In the episode of man vs wild he found a snake in by the creek and he caught it and he bit just behind the jaw line and it killed the snake instantly he saved the snake until later when he had set up his shelter and fire he found a shelter in an old cave he set up his fire and he then sat the snake on it until it cooked properly while the snake was cooking he went of and found a hole in which had dirty water in the bottom he used his shirt some charcoal and some rocks and dirt to act as a strainer and clean the water he had to repeat this a couple of times until the water was drinkable and that is how. I am going to summarise the basic survival skills that were used in man versed wild an there is more to survival than the physical survival skills there are mental and tactical survival skills which I will be talking about next. There is more to survival than physical survival there is mental survival which is what I will be talking about now.

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