Saturday, October 19, 2019

Deerfield Massacre Response Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Deerfield Massacre Response - Assignment Example These are appropriately done to produce the right cue. The lighting technique was appropriate and realistic because, a part from suiting each of the scenes, it managed to manipulate the moods of the audience based on what the actors were doing. In terms of acting, the film featured quite entertaining and comical actors. They were so believable because they were featuring the real traits of the characters. What makes them fulfill their roles is the manner in which they handle themselves. For example, I was so pleased by the manner the actor kept on talking alone and dancing himself to the tunes of his music (Kenneth 39). Besides, the organization of the film enabled the actors to be audible and loud enough to be heard by any audience. I was particularly impressed by the protagonist who thrilled e by comically using gestures, movements and cordially relating with other characters throughout the film. The other important element included in this film is consumes. Each of the actors chose the right and most appropriate costume. Each of these matched their roles, behaviors, characters and personal traits displayed throughout the action. It makes them be as admirable as they comically interact with one another. For example, the protagonist is really entertaining because he behaves weirdly especially when enjoying his music in a lonely room (Kenneth). Thus, I agree that the Drowsy Chaperone is an entertaining film. Its cinematography techniques are

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